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  1. [Todd Ray's] passion for the peculiar is praiseworthy, and erases any misgivings that the venture is exploitation at its most blatant. Still it's not that easy to watch a guy called Morgue stick a hook in his nose until it comes out his mouth.
  2. While well acted and artfully shot, it suffers from message movie traps.
  3. The show is edited almost like a sitcom to draw out maximum humor, with cutaway interviews of cast members at just the right moments to reinforce their folksy philosophies. One could complain about the gender stereotypes at play, but the roles are so exaggerated here it seems the show and the Robertsons are mocking those biases.
  4. I can't help but believe that if this new series focused on the dark, foreboding tone in its asylum scenes, it could become a powerful, trippy 9 p.m. drama.
  5. It's often dull and heavy-handed. Rhys Meyers is burdened with purposefully heightened dialogue that sounds silly at times. His Dracula is meant to be irresistible, but he's just plain creepy.
  6. The ambitious series finds a nice balance of slapstick and suspense. You might feel cheated if you're expecting the usual setup and joke, setup and joke format of many American sitcoms, but there are plenty of surprises and laughs.
  7. [Broad City] feels like a series of sketches that often hit but sometimes miss.
  8. While its glimpses into the democratic world of piracy are interesting, Black Sails could cull a few plot barnacles and give viewers more action.
  9. If only writers John Brownlow and Don Macpherson focused more on Fleming's wartime spy-jinks than on his extended mating dance with the already married and cheating Ann.
  10. Salem as a whole reflects the difference in the work of West and Montgomery. Yet its wildly uneven premiere has enough going for it to make me watch at least another episode.
  11. The short, 41-minute opener (I'd DVR it and fast-forward through the commercials) is slickly filmed, generally well acted and ends with an intriguing revelation. But so little feels new and fresh.
  12. The only thing that separates this bland cop drama from others is that Gloria is also a divorced single mom with two kids who lives with her recovering drug abuser but looks-good-in-a-towel brother (Chris Payne Gilbert).
  13. Tonally, it's all over the place.
  14. The show still feels like it's coasting off the success of those super-charged early seasons.
  15. OK, so I'm having a real problem with the idea that Bridget could get away with this switch for even one second. If you can look past that, you'll still have to deal with a story so dense it takes a couple long expositional scenes to explain it all.
  16. It's fun to look at, but there's not a lot of substance underneath.
  17. Johnston, Faison, Knight and Basche have their moments, but more often than not they hammer the jokes home, mugging insufferably as they do so.
  18. By pulling the curtain back on the magic of Neverland, Willing has stripped all the fun from a marvelous classic.
  19. If the writers relax their death grip on that formula and Handler stops choking the proceedings, Are You There, Chelsea? might be worth another look.
  20. Sounds promising, but the premiere falls flat.
  21. Missing barely winks at the silliness it slings.
  22. BFF uses the most obvious male-female cliches.
  23. Get on The Client List only to see some ripped abs; everything else is nonsense.
  24. These gals are at times so self-absorbed it's difficult to feel much for them when things don't go their way.
  25. A show about a hot gay couple who are both cops would have been a lot more interesting than the umpteenth light police procedural USA has delivered.
  26. I get the feeling Grace will always do the right thing, which is going to make The Mob Doctor predictable and not all that entertaining.
  27. The Neighbors revives an old storyline used in everything from the the "SNL" Coneheads sketch to "Third Rock from the Sun." It just doesn't do it as well.
    • 49 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    "Law & Order" mastermind Dick Wolf doesn't blaze any new trails with his latest effort, but at least he's getting out of the courtroom and precinct house.
  28. The movie holds these men and women up as heroes, but it makes them rather bland cardboard cutouts.
  29. While Prosecuting Casey Anthony does a decent job of re-creating the trial and media frenzy surrounding it, it fails to offer theories as to why the jury didn't convict her of murder.

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