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2,839 movie reviews
  1. Despite having the same title and a similar premise to a 1980 Jamie Lee Curtis flick (kids getting slaughtered on prom night), this is NOT a remake. In fact, it really doesn't have much of a plot. It's basically "The O.C." with a body count.
  2. Jennifer's Body mixes, matches, and crosses three popular genres: horror, comedy, and teen angst. Unfortunately, it fails at all of them - and "fails" might be too kind a term.
  3. They could have called this Paranormal Inactivity.
  4. For acting to be this bad in movie not directed by Michael Bay or George Lucas, it has to be intentional.
  5. Asian horror remakes are typically not screened for critics, and Shutter is no exception. The studios know what they have: watered-down, lifeless shells of motion pictures devoid of characters, drama, or anything remotely resembling horror.
  6. This is as excruciating a movie as is likely to be experienced by anyone, anywhere. It isn't merely that the story is insulting, the characters are bland, the action is dull, and the CGI is everywhere - it's that all this goes on for nearly three hours. That's three hours of your life you'll never get back.
  7. The ineptitude of the movie's drama is matched only by the failure of its humor.
  8. Fox should be paying potential viewers not to walk out of this turkey. The plot has all the depth and originality of a video game without the fun of the interactivity.
  9. After this disgrace, it's time to shut the hills' eyes for good.
  10. 12 Rounds is the unholy stepchild of "Die Hard with a Vengeance" and "Speed," starring a man whose lack of range makes Steven Seagal seem nuanced by comparison.
  11. It is a cinematic abomination -- a source of embarrassment for everyone involved.
  12. There's hardly an area in which Hot Pursuit is not found lacking. The comedy is unfunny with joke after joke falling painfully flat.
  13. If there's a blessing, it's that the sequel isn't appreciably worse than the original - but that's slim praise considering how bad the first one was.
  14. The motion picture version of Bewitched is a travesty of monumental proportions that belongs in the "What the hell were they thinking?" category.
  15. Every once in a while, a movie comes along that is so boring and pointless, that those faithful movie-goers who never walk out on a film have to find some alternative to watching the mind- numbing stupidity unfolding on the screen.
  16. Even the rare individual who died laughing while watching the trailer will discover that only half of that phrase - the "dying" part - applies to the experience of enduring the film.
  17. This movie only takes a few minutes to crash and burn, but more than an hour and a half to realize it.
  18. So bad that it will annoy and/or bore those who have minimal standards and a high tolerance for sewage.
  19. Just plain bad. Boring. Unwatchable.
  20. This is bad. Not bad in a way that it might be fun to see when inebriated. Bad in a way from which only death provides immunity.
  21. There are quite a few unintentionally funny moments, although the overall experience was too intensely painful for me to be able to advocate it as being "so bad, it's good."
  22. A cinematic excursion so horrific that it's an insult to bad movies to call it a bad movie.
  23. Straight viewing could result in brain damage.
  24. Fair Game is howlingly bad - so awful, in fact, that it can actually be enjoyed on a certain level.
  25. Even Cowgirls is as close to an unwatchable film as there is available at this time in the theaters.
  26. The only thing as bad as bad comedy is bad action. Bad Boys II has plenty of both.
  27. Mixed Nuts makes a point of stating that there's magic at Christmas. After seeing this movie, I'm a believer. After all, it's virtually impossible to come up with an alternate explanation of how something this awful could make it to theaters across the nation.
  28. Not only is this an amateurish travesty combining fundamentalist Christian eschatology with disaster movie b.s., but it's plodding and tedious.
  29. This film has no story, no characters, and no coherence.
  30. What's wrong with this movie? A better question might be: What's right? Every attempt at comedy is not only obvious but delivered in such a forced manner that any hope of generating laughter dies before the joke has been told.

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