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  1. The result is solidly entertaining - not quite as good as "Horton Hears a Who" or "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" - but unquestionably better than "The Cat in the Hat."
  2. In many ways, the concept underlying Lolita is more provocative than the actual material, which tends to be a bit long-winded. This is more the fault of the book than of Lyne's approach.
  3. The musical sequences throb with energy and this allows We Are Your Friends to maintain its trajectory when its momentum flags.
  4. Director Stephen Daldry has fashioned an emotionally powerful cinematic testimony about that horrific late summer day.
  5. A clunky script that reduces the characters to one-dimensional stereotypes.
  6. The film is as faithful to Greek mythology as Thor is to tales of the Norse Gods, but it ultimately doesn't matter. Tarsem's goal is to give viewers an experience a little different from the norm and, to that end, he succeeds. The "wow!" factor is in full evidence.
  7. The result is mixed: the affable, family-friendly motion picture is lively enough to engage young viewers but will prove something of a challenge for anyone who has gone through puberty.
  8. In crafting an insider's perspective, Jaglom has done an effective job. It's too bad that nearly everything else fails.
  9. Saved by energetic musical numbers.
  10. The movie isn't so much bad as it is formulaic and uninspired. In some ways, that might almost be a worse sin.
  11. A mess of conflicting tones and missed opportunities. The only one to emerge unscathed is Kate Hudson, who exhibits qualities she has rarely shown since her breakthrough role in "Almost Famous."
  12. Plagued by moralizing so strident and a style so artificial that the story never has a chance to speak to an audience.
  13. There's not a slowly-paced scene or a dull moment to be found. If nothing else, this film won't bore the average viewer. However, when Hackers has been dissected, what's uncovered beneath the flashy skin is an old-fashioned, film-by-numbers thriller.
  14. Unfortunately, like far too many films, this one gives up the ghost during the last fifteen minutes, saddling an otherwise-enjoyable film with a dumb ending.
  15. The humor gets raunchy enough to earn the "R" rating, but in some ways, it's pretty tame, especially in the wake of "The Hangover."
  16. This movie is mostly about visual razzle-dazzle and riffing on film noir conceits. Rodriguez hasn't deviated far from his mission statement for the original and that's a good thing for Sin City fans.
  17. The problem with the film has little to do with the central triangle, which is engaging enough in a formula-driven way, but with the myriad uninteresting subplots that dot the cinematic landscape and have the unfortunate effect of padding the proceedings to the point of unwieldiness.
  18. Grumpier Old Men isn't as fun, spontaneous, or amusing as the original. In short, it's a poor retread that can't be redeemed by the pleasure of seeing Lemmon and Matthau together.
  19. The problem with Hostel Part II is the same flaw that afflicted Hostel: no tension.
  20. Aside from the likable performers, Forces of Nature's greatest strength is that it flouts several established conventions of the genre.
  21. It's a taught, entertaining motion picture that serves its purpose.
  22. The end result, while it provides moments of kinetic entertainment, is too repetitive and uneven to be satisfying.
  23. Who would have imagined that a movie about sex could be so boring? That's the bottom line when it comes to Fifty Shades of Grey.
  24. Unfortunately, much of the skill and craft evident during the first hour evaporate during the second, when mayhem and bloodshed supplant legitimate scares and intelligent writing.
  25. Individual scenes are entertaining in their own right, but the production as a whole is a lumbering mess.
  26. The tale related here isn't all that original, but the honest presentation lends impact to a wrenching scenario.
  27. It's not the unevenness of the comedy that kills Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins but the illegitimacy of the drama.
  28. A woefully underwritten motion picture that starts out as a dumb comedy before taking an ill-advised detour into mawkish sentimentality. The last 30 minutes of Bruce Almighty is so godawful that it almost sent me screaming from the theater.
  29. Offers slim pickings for viewers, regardless of whether they're fans of Woody Allen or not. And I'm sure the French will love it.
  30. Saw
    Saw is for hard-gore horror aficionados only.

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