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  1. It delivers what it's expected to deliver, and that's likely to make it a success with anyone who laughed his ass off two summers ago.
  2. An engrossing examination of the elemental forces that define human nature.
  3. As far as I'm concerned, it's official: Hollywood has lost the art of how to make horror films.
  4. What Dreams May Come has the sensibilities of an art film placed into a big-budget feature with an A-list cast.
  5. Once Batman v Superman hits its stride, most viewers will feel equal parts pummeled and immersed. Snyder is a master of the dark spectacle and he pours it on starting around the movie’s midpoint.... Still, although viewers may be riveted at times, the net experience isn’t much fun.
  6. Even considering some of its late-innings flaws, this is an engaging movie that doesn't mistake histrionics and bile for solid family reunion drama.
  7. For those who like the director's body of work, appreciate "The Twilight Zone," and have a high suspension of disbelief threshold, The Village is likely to satisfy.
  8. Die-hard fans are advised to wait for the video. Everyone else would be better off pretending that this movie doesn't exist. In the long run, you'll have a higher opinion of everyone involved.
  9. For those with an adventurous and offbeat cinematic appetite, Chandni Chowk to China offers its shares of enjoyments, although there are plenty of "downs" to go along with the "ups."
  10. The Answer Man is a passable way to kill two hours on a lazy summer afternoon, and perhaps an excuse to get out of the heat.
  11. By playing it safe, One Last Thing offers tearful interludes but not a lot more.
  12. "Compelling" is a word one could apply to Jobs - he was a magnetic figure - but it doesn't describe this movie. "Average" might even be a stretch, and that's something of an insult to the man whose story it tells.
  13. Still, for those who feel that too few movies these days offer the pure bliss of a testosterone overload, The Losers provides an antidote.
  14. Devil will do little to dispel the growing belief that Shyamalan is a one-trick pony whose horse has keeled over. The laughter during the trailer was sadly prescient; the film is a joke.
  15. Has plenty of funny moments, but there's no chemistry between stars Ben Stiller and Jennifer Aniston. It's hard to accept that these two characters are, or even could be, in love. So, while the film is pleasant and sporadically entertaining, it can't be considered an unequivocal success.
  16. Despite having a perfect cast for a title like Killer Elite, Gary McKendry's feature debut comes across as little more than a generic Jason Statham movie with two high-profile guest stars.
  17. There's not a moment of originality in the entire motion picture.
  18. You may end up being pleasantly surprised, especially if you have a ten-year old girl in tow.
  19. There is no truth to the rumor that free frontal lobotomies will be performed at the entrance to all theaters showing Eagle Eye.
  20. The visuals of a blasted city are impressive but hardly reason to spend $10 to sit in a theater seat and watch a bunch of underdeveloped characters get chased by zombies for an inordinate amount of time.
  21. There's little here that's new or interesting; the movie is for hard-core Romero devotees only.
  22. On the whole, Star Trek V is a highly forgettable motion picture, regardless of whether you're looking at it from the perspective of a Trek lover or a movie-goer.
  23. It's an orgy for disaster porn devotees.
  24. Overwrought and disjointed, Ewan McGregor’s directorial debut is surprisingly faithful to aspects of the text but the overall presentation is conventional and disappointing.
  25. Because so little of it works, the film is disposable.
  26. Fans of the original will end up doing shot-by-shot comparisons. On every level, The Omen isn't just bad filmmaking, it's bad storytelling.
  27. A lackluster melodrama with only a few inspired moments.
  28. For those who aren't offended by extreme profanity and violence, Suicide Kings offers a kinetic and surprisingly funny two hours.
  29. The only reason any male could have for seeing The Vow is the hope of getting laid afterwards. The only reason any female could have for seeing The Vow is if she views the plots of Harlequin romance novels as the height of modern storytelling.
  30. Calling The Angry Birds Movie an “animated film” is giving it airs. It’s a cartoon. Deal with it.

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