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3116 movie reviews
  1. Sylvia underwhelms.
  2. Passably interesting, occasionally compelling, sporadically amusing, and badly lacking in focus.
  3. This is strictly B-movie fare. It tries to do some of the same things as "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" and suffers as a result of the comparison.
  4. 360
    It is disappointing (and a little boring). The chief problem relates to structure. The film unspools more like a puzzle than a cohesive narrative.
  5. The Good German, Steven Soderbergh's film noir homage, is nearly perfect when it comes to style and tone, but it concentrates so single-mindedly on the mechanics of the narrative that it loses sight of its characters.
  6. A nice little mystery thriller that takes a wrong turn on the way to its climax and morphs into a slasher movie.
  7. Ultimately, the plot (irrespective of how faithful it is to real life) isn't the problem - it's the unevenness with which co-directors Glenn Ficarra and John Requa (both making their directorial debuts) approach it that limits the film's success and mutes the experience of sitting through it.
  8. There are moments of pure poetry in the movie but the production as a whole seems overlong and repetitive and takes a detour or two that distract from the aching beauty of the central story.
  9. This movie isn't afraid of venturing into the realm of bad taste -- in fact, it revels in it.
  10. The Nutty Professor aims for guffaws at the lowest level -- anyone with a double-digit IQ will get every joke. Whether you laugh at them or not is often more of a matter of taste than a question of having a sense of humor.
  11. Where About Cherry fails is in its depiction of interpersonal relationships. Nearly all of them are flat and uninspired.
  12. The overall experience fails to satisfy on a basic level. This is one of those films it's easier to be impressed with than it is to like.
  13. Batman is largely content to skim the surface and bask in the light of its visual style.
  14. It is neither as clever nor as funny nor as inventive as the daring title might lead one to expect.
  15. It succeeds in many of the ways a sports movie should, and, by employing a slightly different viewpoint for most of the production, manages a sense of freshness.
  16. Clash of the Titans is a flawed but mildly entertaining regurgitation of Greek mythological elements, but it's also an example of how poorly executed 3D can hamstring a would-be spectacle.
  17. You may end up being pleasantly surprised, especially if you have a ten-year old girl in tow.
  18. This is one of those unusual films that is capable of enthralling those under twelve while not sending older members of the audience rushing for the exit.
  19. The problem is that the writing is too weak for me to come close to recommending it.
  20. The pacing is uneven, the frenetic action is rarely suspenseful, the dialogue is neither witty nor intelligent, and the anticlimactic endgame drags out to an improbable conclusion.
  21. An exercise in mediocrity. It's curious how little of the TV series' charm and appeal can be found in this uneven, plodding excuse for a reunion.
  22. For many adults, sitting through this will be an exercise in tedium. It offers about as much as an oversized, overlong Saturday morning cartoon and if that's where expectations are set, it probably won't disappoint. Talk about setting the bar low, though.
  23. The "Da Vinci Code" was adequate but forgettable. "Angels & Demons" was godawful. Inferno is somewhere in between - watchable but by no means worth the money and effort necessary to see it theatrically.
  24. CQ
    Pretentious and self-indulgent -- those two words come to mind when considering CQ.
  25. A mediocre diversion -– a movie better watched at home where the remote control can be used (if necessary) to fast forward to the film's best part: the obligatory end credit outtakes.
  26. Legend seems like a movie Scorsese might have made if he wasn’t paying attention - the elements are present but they are clumsily assembled and the outcome underwhelms.
  27. There's more contrived melodrama in these two hours than romance fans could reasonably hope for.
  28. If you take The Postman at face value - that it's a straightforward, post- apocalyptic adventure tale, then it could seem like one of the worst movies of the year, if not of all time.
  29. If ever there was a movie that could cause even the most restless sleeper to fall into a deep slumber, this is it.
  30. The energy is missing in the remake because the techniques, which are replicated in a straightforward fashion, are stale.

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