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  1. District B13 is action porn. It's a series of amazingly choreographed, kinetic action sequences tied together by a laughably bad script and worse acting.
  2. Unfortunately, an A-list group of actors doesn't mean a lot when there isn't much of a script.
  3. Pan
    The film fulfills its limited mandate of providing fast-paced adventure and some nice eye candy without adding anything memorable to the tale of The Boy Who Can Fly.
  4. Lovers of drama featuring quirky characters will find things to appreciate.
  5. On balance, one could argue that Seven Psychopaths warrants a better rating than a mediocre **1/2, but the aftertaste is so bitter that it diminishes the sweetness that started off the meal.
  6. In the Rambo canon, where does this one fit? The tone is closer to "First Blood" but the body count is more "Rambo III." No matter how one dices and slices this new Rambo, the first one in 20 years, it will likely please fans of the long-in-the-tooth series.
  7. What's missing? Simple: the romance. This movie is so intent upon getting cheap laughs and putting the protagonists in uncomfortable situations that it forgets they're supposed to be falling in love.
  8. A mildly enjoyable romantic comedy.
  9. This movie is about mayhem on wheels, tough guys viewers can root for, and villains whose comeuppances audiences crave. That's what Death Race is all about and, for what it is, it does a solid job.
  10. Great premise, terrible execution.
  11. Despite the predictability of the overall story arc, there's suspense and tension to be found between the credit sequences, but the movie is saddled with an ending that is both improbable and borderline insulting.
  12. It’s far less engaging than the recent "3:10 to Yuma" remake and concentrates more on the details than the broad picture.
  13. The action scenes are crisply directed, brutal, and invigorating.
  14. It's the kind of high energy, fast-paced film where you can guiltlessly root for the heroine to persevere -- but that's all it succeeds at.
  15. Generations spends its running length searching for, and never completely finding, its niche.
  16. Because I so enjoyed the last 45 minutes, I'm tempted to recommend it. The problem is that you have to sit through an hour to get to the worthwhile parts.
  17. Die-hard fans of Witherspoon and the romantic comedy genre will probably find enough to like in this film to make it worth a trip to the theater. Everyone else would be best served by spending their hard-earned money on something else.
  18. Director Lucky McKee and screenwriters Jared Butler and Lars Norberg take a standard premise and tweak it sufficiently to make it interesting and, at times, even darkly humorous.
  19. sStarts and finishes strong, but, somewhere in the middle, it loses its focus and its way.
  20. Intriguing but ultimately unfulfilling.
  21. Quality-wise, however, there's a big drop off from sex, lies and videotape to Full Frontal.
  22. The ideas underlying Aeon Flux's plot are the film's strength, and the filmmakers deserve some credit for doing more than paying lip service to them.
  23. The film has the twin virtues of being bold and dizzying...The greatest disappointment with Night Watch is that, at a critical juncture, it fizzles.
  24. Ambitious material for a first-time directorial outing, but, even with a huge assist from his lead actor, Malkovich doesn't nail it.
  25. Deeply flawed though it may be, Perfume is a challenging motion picture, and one whose impressions are not easily shaken.
  26. For every thing that Stage Beauty does right, it fumbles at least one other element, resulting in a movie-going experience that is of the glass half-full/half-empty variety.
  27. Breach is competently made but, aside from Cooper's performance, there's nothing here worth getting excited about.
  28. The plot, credited to Simon Pegg & Doug Jung, is pure Trek. Unfortunately, it’s also instantly forgettable.
  29. A pleasant but relatively inconsequential movie.
  30. Ghost House is a generally well-made but ultimately unsurprising excursion into the supernatural.

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