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Average Movie review score: 65
Highest review score: 100 United 93
Lowest review score: 0 Bachelorette
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3016 movie reviews
  1. So bad that it will annoy and/or bore those who have minimal standards and a high tolerance for sewage.
  2. It's a wretched attempt at entertainment, ephemerally redeemed only by the appearance of several attractive girls.
  3. The movie has little to recommend it and more than a few things to encourage those who pursue quality cinema to stay away.
  4. --- Ho, ho, ho - the joke's on anyone who pays to see this.
  5. The film is critic-proof and it will find an audience, but it's hard to imagine even the film's target demographic (teenage boys) being overly enthusiastic about the product. It's disposable entertainment of the worst kind.
  6. Unappealing for children and adults alike, The King and I will likely bring families together in their mutual boredom.
  7. Two agonizing hours of lifeless, mind-numbing hogwash.
  8. Even Cowgirls is as close to an unwatchable film as there is available at this time in the theaters.
  9. Boring and repetitive.
  10. It's tired and dated with too few laughs to justify the stultifying attempts at drama and the impossible-to-swallow plot contortions.
  11. Dirty Deeds boasts a passably entertaining idea that is butchered in the telling.
  12. This is a mechanical gore-fest that offers preposterous stunts in place of escalating tension and waxwork mannequins in place of marginally interesting characters.
  13. Season of the Witch teeters on the edge of slipping into the "so bad it's good" camp, but ultimately ends up being merely bad.
  14. When it comes to comedy, Deck the Halls is remarkably tedious.
  15. The "characters" vary from slightly annoying to unbearable - this is a film in which a viewer can be forgiven for rooting for the old video game icons to annihilate humanity. God help us if the best savior we can muster is Sandler.
  16. This a neutered Garfield, one part tomcat and three parts pussy, recognizable only by his orange coat and love of lasagna. This feline's got a serious case of mange.
  17. Beverly Hills Ninja is essentially a one-joke film.
  18. It's astounding how a movie this long could accomplish so little.
  19. Did You Hear about the Morgans? Yes and, to be perfectly frank, I wish I had been spared the experience.
  20. In a way, it's probably unfair to blame director Tamra Davis exclusively for this debacle. After all, she's toiling in the shadow of a would-be multi-media superstar, making her essentially a hired gun.
  21. If ever a romantic comedy is going to fail at the box office, this is it. The movie isn't a guy's thing, a girl's thing, or anybody else's thing.
  22. A catastrophe. This motion picture is an embarrassment to all involved.
  23. I wonder if Gamer might make a good game; it certainly doesn't make a good movie.
  24. Wild Hogs is more tired, worn out, and sagging than its protagonists - an arthritic comedy whose humor is below mediocre and whose drama is cringe-worthy.
  25. It's not scary, it's not chilling, and it's not interesting.
  26. Unfortunately for the poor viewer trapped into sitting through this 95 minute mess, the humor is both conventional and unfunny, the script never takes any chances, and the ending is a cop-out.
  27. It's crass, cruel, and borderline offensive, but the laughs that could redeem all of that are missing. Material as bad as the tripe that comprises Norbit can be endured only if there's a payoff. In this case, the point seems to be that some actors will do anything for a buck.
  28. Twisted is a D-grade thriller with an A-list cast. It's a disappointment from start to finish...But, in the final quarter-hour, it committed the unpardonable sin of insulting my intelligence.
  29. The lackluster acting and horrendous dialogue don't help.
  30. Echelon Conspiracy is a more evocative title than a movie this stupid deserves.

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