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  1. There was a time when guys would grab a six-pack and watch this kind of flick at a drive-in. I mean that as a compliment.
  2. Stroman should have studied the original Producers that Brooks directed in 1968, with Zero Mostel and Gene Wilder. It answers the question "Where did they go right?"
  3. As a thriller, Firewall is flabby and familiar.
  4. The filmmakers don't trust us to understand what Eddie is feeling about the Olympics without blaring a musical message from Hall and Oates on the soundtrack, "you make my dreams come true."
  5. It’s feels like the New Puritanism (recently repped by the outcry over Janet Jackson’s "wardrobe malfunction" at the Super Bowl) is seeping in. But in the barbershop? Say it isn’t so.
  6. Imagine David Mamet rewriting his political satire "Wag the Dog" -- in which a president and his advisers declare war to distract the media from the prez's horn-dog activities -- as a joke-free kidnap drama.
  7. The film looks and feels authentic, but Duchovny has powered his undeniably personal journey with a counterfeit heart.
  8. With Newman, the movie emerges as a lively character piece with flashes of humor and grace.
    • Rolling Stone
  9. Would it be asking too much if the hit-and-miss jokes could maybe nudge an inch beyond the obvious?
    • Rolling Stone
  10. It's slick girlie stuff, but the cast makes it go down easy.
  11. What a shame that Kelly's pacing doesn't run as fast as his imagination. Instead of sweeping you along, The Box just sits there like something unclaimed at lost and found. Damaged goods.
  12. The estrogen overload damn near did me in.
  13. Pitt and Ford try to dig deeper, but the script undercuts them with preachy dialogue that might as well read, "Insert stereotype here."
  14. Wood, whose mostly mute turn is defined by his black suit and glasses, can only stare in stupefaction at Schreiber's jittery mix of broad laughs and sentiment. Audiences will share the feeling.
  15. The pop diva goes down with the bubbles in this hopelessly shallow soap opera.
  16. Suffers from lulls and lapses and one lulu of a casting gaffe, but this keenly observant spoof of the fame game is hardly the work of a burnout.
  17. Guess what? It's almost bearable.
  18. Affleck is modest and engaging, which keeps the movie out of "Gigli" territory. But it's close.
  19. Disney deserves praise for raising the ante on its ambitions in animation. Next time, though, a little less civics lesson and a little more heart.
  20. Strains credulity at every turn.
  21. The code talkers deserved better than a hollow tribute.
  22. You leave Lady thinking there are still voices in Shyamalan's head well worth a listen.
  23. What a shame, though, that the movie isn't a livelier business.
  24. I'd see Tina Fey and Paul Rudd in anything, but this is pushing it. Admission is so slight that a breeze could flatten it.
  25. You long for things to go bump in the night, but the movie muffles every risk in a blanket of bland.
  26. Like the 2010 original, The Expendables 2 is all sound and fury signifying nothing, when at the very least it should add up to big, dumb fun.
  27. What should have been an affecting film becomes a rank blend of sentiment and sadism in the hands of Bruce Beresford, the Australian writer and director.
  28. Josh Lucas plays Haskins with a no-bull vigor that comes in handy when the script saddles him with all-bull platitudes.
  29. Paltrow looks glam even in death, which only supports the notion, raised by Plath’s daughter Frieda Hughes, that the movie would be about a "Sylvia Suicide Doll." Good call.
  30. There is one high note. You can approach Speed Racer as the trippiest stonerfest since Stanley Kubrick took his space odyssey.

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