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2,368 movie reviews
  1. It feels manufactured to be suitable for mass consumption.
  2. While the first movie steadily tighened its vise, the second loosens its grip through strained acting and incoherent plotting.
    • Rolling Stone
  3. You'd get more of a jolt from Angela Lansbury on "Murder, She Wrote" and more intellectual stimulation from a cozy game of Clue.
    • 28 Metascore
    • 12 Critic Score
    It's not the emphasis on tics and grimaces that mars their essentially well-meaning performances, it’s the sitcom crassness of director and co-writer Garry Marshall.
  4. To be honest, I started hearing things, too. Just when Jones was delivering an inexcusably sappy speech about baseball being "a symbol of all that was once good in America," I heard the words "If he keeps talking, I'm walking."
  5. If you see one Minnesota movie this year, make it "Fargo." This botch job should be stamped direct to video.
  6. Girl 6 is shameless stuff -- pompous, sentimental and attitudinizing. To swat the Spikeman with his own symbol, the film feels like he phoned it in.
  7. Fair Game, written and directed by men, allows model Cindy Crawford to make her screen debut as Miami lawyer Kate McQueen.
  8. Whatever juice is left in the "Cop" franchise or in the once unstoppable career of Eddie Murphy peters out ignominiously in this poor excuse for a sequel.
  9. That generous half star rating I tacked onto this comedy abomination is all for Paris Hilton. Come on, it takes guts (or gross dim-wittedness) to appear on screen again after "House of Wax."
  10. Ninety minutes pass like an eternity. Verdict: Down for the count.
  11. What I can't figure is why anyone would want to release this tripe in theaters just when Fanning has nearly lived it down. They ain't no friends of mine, or any other moviegoer.
  12. Misery is enduring this Rocky Horror Paris Show.
  13. Toss this ugly-ass crap to the curb, along with the other multiplex garbage, and see a romance that gets it right. I'm talking "(500) Days of Summer."
  14. I don't know what to say about the acting, writing and directing in G.I. Joe because I couldn't find any.
  15. This is crap as we know it, a 113 minute package of romcom suck.
  16. Sucks bad, real bad.
  17. The half-star rating goes to John Krasinski for heroically rising above this vile dung heap of a movie.
  18. This tear-jerking twaddle, adapted by David Nicholls from his 2009 bestseller, is nearly as bad as Anne Hathaway's British accent, which is heading for infamy.
  19. In between scenes of the muscleheads torturing their victim, Bay indulges his taste for treating women as sluts and grisly brutality as a nifty excuse for a cheap laugh. Pain and Gain is personal all right. You leave these characters with the distinct impression that they're Bay's kind of people.
  20. Abort! Abort! It's that time of year when Hollywood releases movies it should never have made in the first place.
  21. Reeks like something produced from a squatting position.
  22. What Lynch, who wrote the script at 19, sees as high drama is really high camp. And Fenn seems clueless on how to play her limbless character.
  23. Dracula may stay undead in the new millennium, but there's not a sign of life - oh, that bloodless acting - in this sorry mess.
  24. A shit stain on the genre.
  25. Peet is always worth watching, but the role does her no favors, and the script, involving a kidnapping and a surprise cameo by Neil Diamond - you heard me - smacks of desperation beyond saving.
  26. Say this for the soundtrack, it drowns out the lousy dialogue.
  27. The call on this one is: dead on arrival.
  28. In one scene, raw sewage is dumped on Joe. See Joe Dirt and you'll know how that feels.
  29. This putrid dish marks a new low for director Roland Joffe.

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