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2,363 movie reviews
  1. Lasseter is back behind the wheel, and you can feel his love for all things automotive in every frame. No humans blot this anthropomorphic romp. Cars do all the talking.
  2. What an exhilarating gift to watch Harry and Company go out in a blaze of glory and amazing grace.
  3. It's hot, fierce, funny, vicious and ready to bite, baby.
  4. Here's a movie that starts in your face and, amazingly, keeps coming at you. That's a good thing.
  5. A deeply touching human story filled with humor and heartbreak is rare in any movie season, especially summer. That's what makes The Help an exhilarating gift.
  6. Farmiga expertly guides a large and gifted ensemble cast and proves as fearless a director as she is an actress. She lights up Higher Ground and makes it funny, touching and vital.
  7. Moneyball is one of the best and most viscerally exciting films of the year.
  8. A movie handled with this kind of care is a rare gift. Refusing to hide from pain or bow to it, 50/50 makes its own rules. It'll get to you.
  9. A big, bruisingly funny moral fable etched in acid and Obama disillusion.
  10. Even when the film's frigid elegance, perfectly captured by cinematographer José Luis Alcaine, becomes off-puttingly clinical, Almodóvar's passion burns through. The skin he lives in is alive to challenge no matter what warped form it takes.
  11. It's Olsen, as a damaged soul clinging to shifting ground, who makes this spellbinder impossible to shake.
  12. Jones is a marvel. Sundance couldn't get enough of her. You won't, either. Her performance grabs hold and won't let go.
  13. Von Trier draws us inexorably into the web of these characters. He loses us in a dream of his own devising. That's filmmaking. Now if he'd only learn to shut up at press conferences.
  14. The Artist encapsulates everything we go to movies for: action, laughs, tears and a chance to get lost in another world. It just might leave you speechless. How can Oscar resist?
  15. Scorsese builds Hugo in the Méliès manner, creating a complete, ravishing Parisian world on a soundstage in England and reveling in the sheer transporting joy of it. Hugo will take your breath away.
  16. The actors give it their all, especially Knightley, whose jaw- jutting, heavily accented and unfairly criticized portrayal gives the film its fighting spirit.
  17. Oldman gives a performance that is flawless in every detail.
  18. It's implausible as hell, but no less fun for that.
  19. The movie comes at you in a whoosh, like a volcano of creative ideas in full eruption.
  20. War Horse gets to you. It's one from the heart.
  21. A Separation is a landmark film. No way will you be able to get it out of your head.
  22. The gifted Rees makes finding out a stirring and heartfelt journey. And Oduye is unforgettable. A star is born.
  23. The sharp economy of Lloyd's direction allows the incontestably great Streep to take impressionistic snatches of a life and build a woman in full. This is acting of the highest order.
  24. Acting doesn't get much better than the subtly brilliant display put on by Tilda Swinton in We Need to Talk About Kevin.
  25. Margaret, for all its flaws, is a film of rare beauty and shocking gravity.
  26. Haywire comes close to achieving Soderbergh's goal of creating "a Pam Grier movie made by Alfred Hitchcock."
  27. Think "The Hurt Locker," which shares a cinematographer in Barry Ackroyd with no damage to the Bard's bruising poetry. Neat trick.
  28. Yup, it could have been a bucket of bleak. But the electric talent of Harrelson and Moverman is too exciting to be anything but exhilarating.
  29. An indelibly funny and touching comedy with a real sting in its tail. The laughs leave scars.
  30. My advice is to keep your eyes on Lawrence, who turns the movie into a victory by presenting a heroine propelled by principle instead of hooking up with the cutest boy.

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