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  1. It's a big story, and in this landmark film Miyazaki is up to every demand. Sit back and behold.
  2. Just try to take your eyes off Dern. In his finest two hours onscreen, he gives a performance worth cheering. There's not an ounce of bullshit in it. Same goes for the movie.
  3. Capote is a movie that doesn't pull its punches. It's a knockout.
  4. Noah Baumbach and Jake Paltrow, filmmakers themselves and De Palma fans to the bone, haven't gathered a bunch of talking heads to debate De Palma's significance. They just put the man himself on camera, mic him up and let him rip. The result is heaven for movie lovers.
  5. It's the remarkable Attah, whose young face reflects a hellish journey, that makes this fierce movie a blazing, indelible achievement.
  6. By the time they're onstage, your pulse is pounding right along with theirs. Spell this movie: g-r-e-a-t.
  7. Funny, touching and acutely observed film.
  8. There's a word for the kind of comic, dramatic, romantic, transporting visions Miyazaki achieves in Howl's: bliss.
  9. It's Olsen, as a damaged soul clinging to shifting ground, who makes this spellbinder impossible to shake.
  10. Musically, the film is a miracle, right and riveting in every detail.
  11. Lacing tremendously exciting action with touching gravity, Looper hits you like a shot in the heart.
  12. This documentary succeeds triumphantly on so many levels that its full impact doesn't hit you until you have time to register its aftershocks.
  13. Spy
    All the actors come up aces. And let's bottle the delicious byplay between McCarthy and Byrne, whose comic timing is bitchy perfection.
  14. Room deserves to be seen unspoiled. All you need to know is that the performances of Larson and Tremblay will blow you away.
  15. Lessin and Deal have made Trouble the Water a spellbinder you do not want to miss.
  16. An emotional powerhouse.
  17. Craig puts heat and heart into Spectre, as if he's taken Bond as far he can. The movie is a fever dream of all the Bond villains and all of Bond's efforts to see a life past them.
  18. What we have here is an exhilarating blast of a movie, full of heart but still punk rock. So don’t get all pissy because it’s in Swedish (with English subtitles) and you never heard of anyone in it and coming-of-age movies about girls make you puke.
  19. There is devilish fun in this look into 1990s white-collar crime. But the jokes are the kind you choke on.
  20. In Eastern Promises, shot to envelop by the great Peter Suschitzky, Cronenberg brings us face to face with the horror of self.
  21. A raucous ride through one man's pain.
  22. Acting doesn't get much better than the subtly brilliant display put on by Tilda Swinton in We Need to Talk About Kevin.
  23. What an exhilarating gift to watch Harry and Company go out in a blaze of glory and amazing grace.
  24. Dahan's impressionistic heartbreaker of a movie gets it all in. And Marion Cotillard, lip-syncing Piaf's songs and digging into her soul with gale-force urgency, gives a performance for the ages.
  25. As for Lee, he clearly relates to this material and the questions of political, musical and family identity he himself raised in films as diverse as "Malcolm X," "Mo' Better Blues" and "Crooklyn."
  26. Welcome Damsels in Distress, an exhilarating gift of a comedy about college, the female intellect, the limitless male ego, inventing a new dance, and suicide prevention.
  27. Best Worst Thing brims over with moments of humor and heartbreak that reflect the feeling of knowing "we're what's new." This movie is more than good, pal. It's indispensable.
  28. Margaret, for all its flaws, is a film of rare beauty and shocking gravity.
  29. So cheers to a movie as gloriously entertaining and bluntly honest as the lady herself. Everybody rise.
  30. So fasten your seat belts for Gomorrah, just snubbed in the wussy Oscar race for Best Foreign Film (so you know it's dynamite).

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