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  1. For special effects alone, there's no problem: They're spectacular. And there's no faulting Mark Rylance, a newly-minted Oscar winner for Spielberg's Bridge of Spies, whose motion-capture performance as a 24-foot giant is both subtly nuanced and truly monumental.
  2. In Darkness is an agonizing experience, especially when Jews are publicly humiliated in the streets and a driving rainstorm nearly drowns those cowering in the depths. Holland means to shake you. In Darkness has the power to haunt will haunt your dreams.
  3. A hand-me-down cast? Far from it. Masterson and Stoltz possess talent and charm to spare... Wonderful aspires to be little more than the hot-and- happening teen flick of the moment. At that it succeeds.
    • Rolling Stone
  4. The best of what's onscreen is a mesmerizing mind-teaser.
  5. Doing his own singing (an uncanny imitation), Spacey is a marvel.
  6. What sounds like undiluted melodrama with the hounds forever nipping at Ewa's heels is transformed by Gray into a mesmerizing meditation on the broken American promise.
  7. Want your skin to crawl? This one's for you.
  8. Funny as hell.
  9. The plot is flimsy, but director Mark Waters (Freaky Friday) trusts Fey's tart dialogue to carry the day. Wise man. Fey subverts formula to find comic gold. She's a brash new voice in movie comedy. Boy, do we need her now.
  10. Judge is in the business of social satire, and his laughs can sting, but his movie is a comic salute to free enterprise. And, boy, do we need it now.
  11. Smith wins our hearts without losing his dignity, as Chris suits up for success by day and fights off despair by night. The role needs gravity, smarts, charm, humor and a soul that's not synthetic. Smith brings it. He's the real deal.
  12. John Wick is the kind of fired-up, ferocious B-movie fun some of us can't get enough of. You know who you are.
  13. This funny and touching movie depends on two can-do actresses to scrub past the biohazard of noxious clichés that threaten to intrude. Adams and Blunt get the job done.
  14. Bridges has a fine time playing with himself, so to speak. Add Garrett Hedlund as Flynn's son Sam, the rebel who zaps himself into the server to find his lost dad, and director Joseph Kosinski has a recipe for adventure that should delight gamers. Non-techies are on their own.
  15. In substance and style, the movie is more than a few tears short of Jordan's "The Crying Game." But Murphy is an actor to watch. Even in heels.
  16. This engrossing blend of humor and heartbreak only hints at the causes, from betrayal to child abuse, of this family's dysfunction. Hang on. Attention is richly rewarded.
  17. Just know that Pulse possesses the dark art to make your pulse pound and your hair stand on end -- with no cheating.
  18. Brace yourself for Thirteen -- it'll cause a commotion.
  19. If you’re looking for an orgasmic trip to heavy-metal heaven, this is it.
  20. A movie that offers hard speculation and harder truths. You won't be able to get it out of your head.
  21. It scared the living crap out of me. Only at the movies is that a compliment.
  22. A haunting and hypnotic movie, just the thing to get lost in.
  23. Clooney fashions a style all his own: visceral, vital and churning with off-the-wall ideas. That's what makes you want to see Clooney direct again. You can feel his joy in it.
  24. Reeves plugs in a live wire to play Abby, the girl vampire who's been 12 for, well, a very long time. That would be Chloë Grace Moretz, an acting dynamo (see Kick-Ass) whose mesmerizing performance goes deep.
  25. Forget "The Conjuring," Blackfish may be the scariest movie around.
  26. Bright Star is the New Zealand writer-director's raw, sensual attempt to render Keats as experienced by a young girl who couldn't understand the genius of his verse.
  27. As directed with grit and grace by Rodrigo García, this quietly devastating film goes bone-deep.
  28. You cheered Jack Black in "School of Rock," now give it up for Paul Green in the real thing.
  29. There may be nothing fresh left to find in teens coming of age, but director Jake Schreier (Robot and Frank) fakes it with genuine sincerity.
  30. If there is such a thing as hard-core with a soft heart, this is it.

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