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Average Movie review score: 65
Highest review score: 100 Ida
Lowest review score: 0 Lethal Weapon 3
Score distribution:
2,426 movie reviews
  1. In this risky, riveting film, our most prolific and provocative moviemaker uses his wit to touch a nerve. Crimes and Misdemeansors is so funny it hurts.
    • Rolling Stone
  2. Fierce, funny and finally devastating, Tanovic's superb film offers a timely look at the roots of civil war and acts of terrorism on both sides that can be exploited by political and media hypocrites alike.
  3. Green has created a work of startling originality that will haunt you for a good, long time.
    • Rolling Stone
  4. Like the best filmmakers at Sundance 2001, Nolan leaps into the wild blue and dares us to leap with him. Go for it.
  5. A thunderous spectacle.
    • Rolling Stone
  6. Inspired funny business that allows Martin to hilariously torpedo Hollywood's corrupt heart.
    • Rolling Stone
  7. Glorious, a colossus of rousing action and ferocious fun.
    • Rolling Stone
  8. If you're looking to have your nerves fried and your pulse pounded, this is your ticket to ride.
  9. A savage comedy of sexual extremes; the barbed laughs draw blood.
    • Rolling Stone
  10. Anderson offers no phony uplift for the Tenenbaums or for audiences. But he does know how to take a sad song and make it better. In these troubled times, that's a gift.
  11. One of the best movies of the year--startling, innovative, hugely funny and powerfully, courageously moving.
    • Rolling Stone
  12. Sadly, Howard blands out in the final third, using old-age makeup and tear-jerking to turn a tough true story into something easily digestible. Until then, you'll be riveted.
  13. Elegant, funny and unexpectedly touching, this whodunit about a murder aboard the yacht of William Randolph Hearst represents a bracing comeback for Peter Bogdanovich.
  14. Gorgeous filmmaking that brims over with funhouse thrills and ravishing romance.
    • Rolling Stone
  15. Fierce, funny and vividly moving.
    • Rolling Stone
  16. Cage, who gives a blazing, imposive performance, uses his haunted eyes to reveal the emotional scars that Frank can't heal.
    • Rolling Stone
  17. Howard lays off the manipulation to tell the true story of the near-fatal 1970 Apollo 13 mission in painstaking and lively detail. It's easily Howard's best film.
  18. The actors make it unique and unforgettable.
  19. An uncommonly good movie - a thriller that transcends thrills to become a heartfelt and heart-stopping personal drama.
  20. It's a powerful and provocative achievement from a first-time filmmaker of enormous promise.
  21. A funny and touching film that is gorgeously acted by a British cast to rival Gosford Park's.
  22. A world-class charmer that could even seduce the Academy when it hands out the first official animation Oscar next year.
  23. Bell explodes onscreen in a performance that cuts to the heart without sham tearjerking. Look for Billy to blast off.
    • Rolling Stone
  24. Whether or not Casino meets your expectations, it delivers the rush you only get from an audacious gamble.
  25. One of the best movies of the year and by far the most entertaining.
  26. That Linklater pulls off the innovative feat with hypnotic assurance is nothing short of amazing.
  27. Maguire and Dunst keep Spider-Man on a high with their sweet-sexy yearning, spinning a web of dazzle and delicacy that might just restore the good name of movie escapism.
  28. Lynch takes us on a journey of shattering understatement -- a remarkable accomplishment.
    • Rolling Stone
  29. Under the astute direction of Danny DeVito, who does a sly turn as Oliver's attorney, this acid-dipped epic of revenge is killingly funny and dramatically daring.
  30. Like Vardalos and Corbett, who play their roles with vibrant charm, the film, directed by Joel Zwick, is heartfelt and hilarious in ways you can't fake. It's a keeper.

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