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  1. It's all stupefyingly unfunny. Hot Pursuit is one hot mess.
  2. The new Mummy is, how can I put it? Just freakin' awful.
  3. Winter's Tale is preposterous twaddle.
  4. I like Longoria Parker on "Desperate Housewives" and truly believe she could have a career on the big screen if she promises to never again work with writer-director Jeff Lowell, who perpetrated this offense of a ghost comedy on her and on her otherwise gifted co-stars Paul Rudd and Lake Bell.
  5. If you see one Minnesota movie this year, make it "Fargo." This botch job should be stamped direct to video.
  6. What happened, bitches? Didn't the letdown of The Hangover Part II – basically Part I set in Thailand but minus the laughs – teach you anything? Guess not.
  7. What the filmmakers fail to recognize is that history on the page is quite different from what it needs to be onscreen, namely alive and visceral.
  8. Except for Connery, who is every inch the lion in winter, nothing here feels authentic.
  9. It just plain sucks.
  10. "Sixth Sense" rip-off.
  11. Putridly written, directed and acted.
  12. John Q. is as fake as that tear, an exploitative mess trying to pass as social activism.
  13. Nothing can save this repetitive bore. Dude, where's your memory?
  14. Off the shelf after two years to capitalize on the popularity of Vin Diesel, Seth Green and Barry Pepper. It should have stayed there.
  15. This Endless Love is a photo shoot, not a movie. It'd play better as a slideshow of jpgs. Even nine-year-old girls ought to cry foul on this movie's endless blandness.
  16. One idea, mixed with lame jokes, and stretched beyond coherence. Vampire Academy doesn't need a review. It needs a stake in the heart.
  17. The real horror here is watching Sandra Bullock drop her big Miss Congeniality smile to A-C-T! She does this by not smiling. What happened to the range she showed in "Crash" and "Infamous?"
  18. This crap is supposed to be the chick flick antidote to Super Bowl fever. Ha!
  19. It would be great to see this turd squashed under a truck, preferably a semi.
  20. It's early in the year, but I defy any 2008 comedy to be as stupid, slack and sexless as Fool's Gold. And I'm counting Paris Hilton's appalling "The Hottie and the Nottie," which is marginally better.
  21. Even wild man Gary Oldman, as a priest ready to eighty-six the wolfman with silver nail polish, can't liven up this humorless hogwash. And it's just sad to see the legendary Julie Christie stuck playing the grandmother.
  22. Contrived, manipulative and shamelessly sentimental, this film is notable for the courageous reach of Sean Penn, who gives a bold, heartfelt performance.
  23. There should be a place in hell for hacks who turn out derivative terror trash and then pretend they're doing an important investigative piece on Vatican corruption.
    • Rolling Stone
    • 28 Metascore
    • 12 Critic Score
    It's not the emphasis on tics and grimaces that mars their essentially well-meaning performances, it’s the sitcom crassness of director and co-writer Garry Marshall.
  24. When a Spike Lee film doesn't fly, it sinks like a stone.
  25. Make American movies great again. You can start by boycotting this one.
  26. An indigestible chunk of romantic marshmallow.
    • Rolling Stone
  27. Who's the idiot responsible for this fiasco? You can't blame the Tea Party, an organization of 9 million that the film's producers are exploiting to get butts into seats. There's an object lesson in objectivism for you.
  28. The real plague is the movie, a sci-fi hodgepodge of bad history and worse special effects.
  29. Toss this ugly-ass crap to the curb, along with the other multiplex garbage, and see a romance that gets it right. I'm talking "(500) Days of Summer."

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