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  1. Magicians have been pulling rabbits out of hats for ages. And yet, with all this talent, no one can make a decent script materialize.
  2. Patrick Lussier is listed as The Director, though I saw no evidence of anyone in control.
  3. Writer-director Angelina Jolie's attempt to emulate European art cinema is a slow, sodden, stupefyingly dull take on a 1970s marriage gone bad.
  4. This putrid dish marks a new low for director Roland Joffe.
  5. Take a tired formula...Stir with a director, Florent Siri, who has no shame about stealing every sadistic suspense trick from the Die Hard series. Serve to a gullible audience willing to pay top dollar for secondhand goods.
  6. Delivery Man is one joke stretched to the breaking point. Mine was reached.
  7. Girl 6 is shameless stuff -- pompous, sentimental and attitudinizing. To swat the Spikeman with his own symbol, the film feels like he phoned it in.
  8. How can a film look so radiant and be so hollow?
  9. This comedy about a death is a funeral for the audience.
  10. Is it the clumsy script or the switch in directors -- Beeban Kidron in for Sharon Maguire -- that has sucked out the charm of the original and replaced it with crude pratfalls and enough shag gags to stuff the next three Austin Powers movies?
  11. Chockablock with things we're not supposed to notice: that Roberts is wasted; that she and Cusack have no characters to play, so it's virtually impossible to understand why she loves him or vice versa; that the script provides comedy without bite and romance without resonance.
  12. Questions: Did everyone involved in this botched thriller OD on speed? Does jimmy-legs director D.J. Caruso think if he slowed down the action we'd figure out how stupid the plot is?
  13. This lumbering retread, subtitled The Legend of Curly's Gold, is mostly old ground slavishly covered. There are wider gaps between the jokes this time, and the slick style of British director Paul Weiland, best known for commercials (Schweppes, Heineken), can't disguise the fact that he's selling stale goods.
  14. There's nothing to keep the pulse alive after the first quake. Peyton throws in a second quake and a tsunami, but after a while buildings tumbling into the ocean are just a bunch of pixels turning everything into visual mush and leaving audiences in a digital stupor.
  15. American Pastoral, Roth's magnum opus, needed a film revolutionary on the order of Paul Thomas Anderson, Alejandro González Iñárritu or the Coen brothers to re-imagine it for the screen. McGregor's timid approach does no one any favors, including Roth – and especially the audience.
  16. I found myself wishing that Taymor would turn off the sound and fury and let The Tempest speak for itself. My wish wasn't granted.
  17. Not since Gus Van Sant inexplicably directed a shot-by-shot remake of Hitchcock's "Psycho" has a thriller been copied with so little point or impact.
  18. Reeks like something produced from a squatting position.
  19. Promises a road movie of blissful comic romance and delivers a series of dramatic dead ends.
  20. The Vow is a sopping hankie of a romance for women who love to suffer and the men who love them.
  21. I laughed, then I wished it was funnier, then I just wished it would end.
  22. A slipshod sequel that looks tossed together over a weekend by people who couldn't care less.
  23. Since the new Recall is totally witless, don't expect laughs. Originality and coherence are also notably MIA.
  24. The title of this limp retread of "Minority Report" -- both films are based on stories by Philip K. Dick -- presumably refers to the reason the big names involved did this movie.
  25. What have you done to The Wolfman, Hollywood? It’s got no kick to it. No fun either. And no real scares, which is more unforgivable.
  26. As for the ladies who think any kind of chick flick is preferable to football, be careful what you wish for.
  27. Roth takes three powerhouse actors -- Julianne Moore as the mother, Samuel L. Jackson as the cop who interrogates her and Edie Falco as another woman who lost her son -- and reduces their talents to rubble and their characters to screeching cliches.
  28. Murphy, teaming again with his "Norbit" director Brian Robbins, is assuming we'll all line up for lazyass toilet jokes and pay for the privilege. Prove him wrong, people, please.
  29. This third hunk of Pie is a worn-out gross-out, a remnant of a genre that now seems so five minutes ago.
  30. Jammed with story threads that don’t cohere, Cirque commits the cardinal sin for a vampire movie: It’s bloodless.

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