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  1. Overthought, overwrought and thuddingly underwhelming, this high-profile misfire makes a congealed gumbo out of Robert Penn Warren's Pulitzer-winning 1946 novel and the Oscar-winning 1949 movie that followed it, sinking a classy cast in the goo.
  2. Charlie Day owns one of the highest-pitched male squeaks in the business and he puts it to hilarious use on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I could watch him in anything – but Fist Fight is pushing it, given that's it's always raining a storm of comic clichés that quickly drowns any semblance of audience goodwill.
  3. It's sad to see risk-taking director Mike Figgis (Leaving Las Vegas, Hotel) do a generic thriller for a paycheck and then not even screw with the rules.
  4. Horror-movie fans often have put up with a lot to get their requisite amount of fright per month, and that tolerance limit is seriously tested by this slapdash attempt to introduce a new slasher hall-of-fame character into the mix.
  5. Here's Madge one more time doing something for which she is eminently unsuited – directing.
  6. The kind of movie that TV stars do when they're on hiatus and trying to squeeze one in.
    • Rolling Stone
  7. It's sledgehammer whimsy, and it's not talking to me.
    • Rolling Stone
  8. Here's a comedy of punishing tedium that pretends to be hip when it's so five minutes ago.
  9. Gordon, who died shortly after the first Arthur, never had to see the luckless 1988 sequel that made his beloved characters seem like strangers. The new Arthur, insipid when it should be infectious, leaves the same deadly impression.
  10. Critics and audiences should unite to KO this loser.
  11. Crossing "A Beautiful Mind" with "Sex Kittens Go to College," first-time director Stephen Gaghan (he wrote Traffic) causes a head-on collision.
  12. Guy flicks can be just as galling as the chick variety. Here's Exhibit A in how to lose an audience in ten minutes.
  13. It's a little early for self-parody in the career of Vin Diesel. But he's a calamitous cliché in A Man Apart.
  14. Lethal Weapon 3 offers mediocrity wielded by experts. It's not a movie, it's a machine.
  15. I laughed once or twice during this flat and fatuous farce, mainly because director and co-writer Greg Coolidge lifted a lot of it from "Office Space."
  16. Stephen Rodrick's New York Times article about the making of The Canyons had humor, suspense and propulsion. They should have made that movie. What we have here is dead on arrival.
  17. There's no thrill in Gone because you can see every surprise coming. It lies there flapping like a dying fish. Skip it.
  18. Trash.
    • Rolling Stone
  19. Pan
    Joe Wright's origin story of Peter and the lost boys has to be the dimmest, deadliest take ever on J.M. Barrie's Pan myth.
  20. Righteous Kill, a.k.a. The Al and Bob Show, is a cop flick with all the drama of "Law and Order: AARP." This movie defines drag-ass.
  21. The compensation comes in the three lead actors, all way too good for the material dished out by writer-director Tom Gormican.
  22. Audiences forced to endure the 109 coma-inducing minutes of Serena should bring an e-book or a soft pillow.
  23. Feels fake, forced and indigestible.
  24. The actors hit the jackpot, but only in terms of their paychecks. The audience gets a tension-free, tight-assed, "Casino" ripoff that leaves them thoroughly fleeced.
  25. Then there's the movie itself, which should be crazy, stupid fun but settles for just stupid.
  26. The bad news isn’t that Carrey and Daniels got old, it's that the jokes did. The spirit is still willing in Peter and Bobby Farrelly, the original writer-directors, but the sagging flesh is weak from prolonged repetition.
  27. If you don't see where this is going, you've never seen a movie. Sorry it had to be this one.
  28. Martin is a gifted physical comic. He deserves an original role tailored to his own talents. Watching something this borrowed just makes me blue.
  29. The half-star rating goes to John Krasinski for heroically rising above this vile dung heap of a movie.
  30. Nothing can match seeing Theron and Blunt try to out-camp each other, providing the only glimmer of entertainment in a film dedicated to being ponderous. No one sings "Let It Go," but my advice to audiences is to do just that before mistakenly buying a ticket.

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