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  1. A meandering but altogether mesmerizing film from writer-director Azazel Jacobs that finds buoyant comedy and touching gravity in the ashes of a relationship.
  2. The film’s genius is the way it applies the lessons of Sound City to any job. “The human element,” says Grohl, “that’s what makes the magic.” In his directing debut, Grohl shows the instincts of a real filmmaker. Sound City hits you like a shot in the heart.
  3. See this darkly comic character study unburdened by preconceptions.
  4. This dynamite thriller shivers with suspense. So if you ignore The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo) because it's in Swedish with English subtitles, you probably deserve the remake Hollywood will surely screw up.
  5. This PG-rated movie feels safe and constricted in a way the story never does on the page. It leaves out the deep magic of a good movie, or a good sermon: the feeling that something vital is at stake.
  6. A spellbinder that features Richard Gere in one of his best performances ever.
  7. You may want to revisit this profanely hilarious Hollywood satire. . .just to catch the zingers the audience often drowns out with laughter. Hollywood corrupts absolutely, and Mamet turns the toxic process into the year's best and smartest comedy.
  8. Rango is like nothing you've ever seen.
  9. You're in for something funny, touching and vital. Director Lenny Abrahamson knows his way around eccentrics; just see "Adam & Paul" or "Garage" or "What Richard Did." And he makes an ideal guide into a bizarro world where music is made on the margins.
  10. It's Morgan's core script, full of humor, heartache and verbal fireworks, that lifts Rush above the "Fast & Furious" herd.
  11. In this painfully funny and touching look at the vanities and insecurities that a mother (Brenda Blethyn) can pass on to her daughters in the name of love, writer-director Nicole Holofcener ("Walking and Talking") does a chick flick right.
  12. If you're looking to have your nerves fried and your pulse pounded, this is your ticket to ride.
  13. It's hot, fierce, funny, vicious and ready to bite, baby.
  14. This movie wins you over, head and heart, without cheating. It's just about perfect.
  15. Taut, tense and enthralling, as smart and surprising as it protagonist.
    • Rolling Stone
  16. McTeer and Brown make magic ina film that is wonderfully funny, touching and vital.
    • Rolling Stone
  17. Paradis sizzles in a star-making role that gleams like one of Gabor's blades. She's a spellbinder.
    • Rolling Stone
  18. Throbs with action, suspense and a seductive rhythm all its own.
  19. No use trying to describe Bernie. It's a one-of-a-kind inspiration. You will never feel closer to a convicted killer.
  20. Kristen Wiig is an indisputable goddess of comedy. And this rowdy fem-friendship movie she stars in and wrote with Annie Mumolo is infused with the Wiig brand of wicked mischief.
  21. The Muppets slaps a smile on your face you won't want to wipe off.
  22. Gere, who has shockingly never been nominated for an Oscar, gives the performance of his career, intuitive and indelible.
  23. Gore keeps us riveted by being charming, literate and profoundly persuasive on a topic that's scarier than anything in a dozen Japanese horror flicks. Vote Gore on this one.
  24. Immensely entertaining and provocative.
  25. The film belongs to Blanchett -- this hellcat Virgin Queen is something to see.
  26. Shrek 2 may be computer-generated, but its innate heart and glorious sense of mischief make it one of the best and most humane movies of the summer.
  27. Kitano is a riveting spectacle. So's the movie.
  28. Not since Julie Andrews rode an umbrella to glory in Mary Poppins has Disney given us such a real-life doll (Amy Adams).
  29. Gerwig is the mistress of all things funny and fierce, and her byplay with Kirke (Gone Girl) is killer. You won't know what hit you.
  30. Spy
    All the actors come up aces. And let's bottle the delicious byplay between McCarthy and Byrne, whose comic timing is bitchy perfection.

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