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  1. Propaganda is a bitch to act. And this misguided movie leaves Hudgens buried in it.
  2. I laughed, then I wished it was funnier, then I just wished it would end.
  3. It's the Bay touch you feel in the way actors register as body count, characters go undeveloped, and sensation trumps feeling. A nightmare, indeed.
  4. Here's a true S&M date movie. Only sadistic men and masochistic women could love it.
  5. The infuriating cop–out ending reduces the premise to mush. I wanted to scream. Here goes: Arghh!
  6. The bad news isn’t that Carrey and Daniels got old, it's that the jokes did. The spirit is still willing in Peter and Bobby Farrelly, the original writer-directors, but the sagging flesh is weak from prolonged repetition.
  7. So why oh why is The Expendables such a limp-dick bust? Because Stallone forgets to include non-spazzy direction, a coherent plot, dialogue that actors can speak without cringing, stunts that don't fizzle, blood that isn't digital and an animating spirit that might convince us to give a damn.
  8. Even the best actors – and this coming-of-age movie boasts a handful of them – can't fight this much tin-eared dialogue.
  9. Morning sickness afflicts most of the potential mommies. For me, the movie itself triggered the vomiting.
  10. The movie, however, is a crock.
  11. This lumbering retread, subtitled The Legend of Curly's Gold, is mostly old ground slavishly covered. There are wider gaps between the jokes this time, and the slick style of British director Paul Weiland, best known for commercials (Schweppes, Heineken), can't disguise the fact that he's selling stale goods.
  12. This comedy about a death is a funeral for the audience.
  13. I'm convinced there is a good movie trying to punch itself out of The Greatest Showman. What a shame that Gracey buried Jackman and company in a pile of marshmallow.
  14. Me, I just think it blows. What does it matter if you spend millions on a movie - love the talking, battling bears! - if the effects are cheesy, the story runs off on tangents and after watching the movie fail utterly to be the next Lord of the Rings, you just want to go home.
  15. Will Ferrell and Danny McBride can find the dumb fun in anything. Too bad that Land of the Lost is so much less than anything.
  16. The Americanized version is miscast, misguided and misbegotten.
  17. Blomkamp and his wife and co-writer, Terri Tatchell, stack the deck. Instead of awe, we get "E.T." - aww.
  18. If you laughed at Tim Story's first "Think," based on Steve Harvey's bestselling advice book for women, you'll probably ride along for this jacked-up, Vegas-set sequel in which dudes and dolls offer sexist approaches to throwing a bachelor party.
  19. Con Air has all the signs of a hit. That's depressing.
  20. Overthought, overwrought and thuddingly underwhelming, this high-profile misfire makes a congealed gumbo out of Robert Penn Warren's Pulitzer-winning 1946 novel and the Oscar-winning 1949 movie that followed it, sinking a classy cast in the goo.
    • 39 Metascore
    • 38 Critic Score
    Though Virtuosity connects all the dots to give audiences a roller-coaster ride, the movie begets nothing new: It's stillborn.
  21. Even director Carl Franklin, an artful purveyor of sterner stuff in "One False Move" and "Devil in a Blue Dress," can't prevent One True Thing from descending into chick-movie hell.
  22. There's nothing to distract you from a plot so tired there are tire tracks from other racing movies all over it.
  23. I left this movie feeling I’d been had. And not in a good way.
  24. Veering between sentimentality and exploitation with a few misguided stops at raunchy sex farce, Reign Over Me never finds a tone to suit its purpose.
  25. How did talent like this conspire to pump out such bilge? I mean, really.
  26. It's not so bad that it's good. It's so bland that it's boring. Not even worth a hissss.
  27. A manipulative script about dog reincarnation that whacks your emotions like a piñata – that's forgivable. Not this. It shouldn't happen to a dog.
  28. Leslie Mann and wild-card Chris Hemsworth, as her cock-flashing hubby, get the heartiest hoots. The rest is comic history warmed over.
  29. Jammed with story threads that don’t cohere, Cirque commits the cardinal sin for a vampire movie: It’s bloodless.

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