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2,426 movie reviews
  1. Nolte brings a raspy authority to the role, and director Neil Jordan (The Crying Game) surrounds him with colorful characters.
  2. A long sit in the shallows, the equivalent of five half-hour episodes strung together.
  3. Short review of three little words: Way. Too. Long.
  4. Clooney and company work it too hard this time. You can tell they're huffing and puffing to stay afloat. But all I hear is: glug glug glug.
  5. The only way to react is by bringing a barf bag or a strong sense of gallows humor.
  6. Escapism with a human touch -- it feels lived-in.
  7. It's tough to imagine a guy who won't squirm through this tale of 1950s housewife Evelyn Ryan.
  8. Reiner gets lucky with his two stars. Wilson has charm to spare, and Hudson brings humor and sexiness to playing Emma and four au pair girls from different countries. But even they can't float a balloon with lead in it.
  9. Marshall deserves props for putting the "show" back into the Pirates business. But face it, he's polishing a giant turd.
  10. xXx
    It's hard to hate a movie, even one this droolingly crass, that knows how to laugh at itself.
  11. What we have here is a model for the paint-by-numbers, perfectly generic, proudly soulless summer action flick. An original idea would die for lack of oxygen in S.W.A.T.
  12. The acting? Common and the Game score as baddies, but Hugh Laurie as an acid-tongued internal-affairs cop is disappointingly just House without the limp.
  13. Ritchie is all about the whooshing and headbanging, leaving no space between Holmes' words to savor their meaning. Downey is irresistible. The movie, not so much.
  14. Character gets sacrificed for just another true-crime drama.
  15. It's unlikely audiences will be echoing a starving Oliver's most famous line: "Please, sir, I want some more."
  16. Like a doggie in a window, this romcom relentlessly wags its tail so you'll fall in love and take it home. Not this time, puppy.
  17. The actors and admirably sensitive director Jake Scott (son of Ridley) can't compensate for Ken Hixon's long slog of a script.
  18. Alex Cross has been neutered on film, deprived of his sexuality, his family, his friends.
  19. Even the great ones hit snags. With The Limits of Control, Jim Jarmsuch gets tangled up in his own deadpan.
  20. Gray says she hates fishermen who catch and release: Getting jerked around hurts the jaw. See this movie and you'll know the feeling.
  21. Ledger's comic flair is a big plus in a film that is fanatically busy and fatally sexless.
  22. Mixing Rock with ooh-la-la turns out to be as appetizing as chalk and cheese.
  23. The result, sadly, is a mess.
  24. Our Idiot Brother comes off as a blueprint for a smart script no one really made. Now that's what I call dumb.
  25. Hamstrung by a script that seems determined to stop at all the big moments in Frida's life (she died in 1954 at age forty-seven) without giving anything time to resonate.
  26. With Del Toro's name in the credits, standard chills aren't enough. We want imagination to run riot.
  27. The scares are Hichcock hand-me-downs.
    • Rolling Stone
  28. The actors can't perform miracles. Hot dogs are served in the final scene, but trust me, Hyde Park on Hudson is no picnic.
  29. The result is just good enough to pass as an action flick you watch with the forgiving gaze that comes from too many beers and too little sleep.
  30. Magic Mike slowly degenerates into a simplistic cautionary fable. I didn't see that coming from a sharp observer like Soderbergh.

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