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Highest review score: 100 Iris
Lowest review score: 0 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning
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2,303 movie reviews
  1. No dice...But no apologies are needed for Shannon--she earns her star spot.
  2. Offers action in the Arnold Schwarzenegger style. Well, not right away.
  3. Christensen is the only jolt of excitement in this turgid soap opera.
  4. Distressingly shallow.
  5. This black-comic assault on family entertainment is going to set a lot of teeth on edge -- If only his (De Vito's) material were better this time.
  6. The film has no soul. An epic about this day of infamy should shake you to the core. But the real infamy about Pearl Harbor is that when you exit, you don't feel a thing.
  7. A product that will delight car junkies and drive cinephiles to swear off film until fall.
  8. Funny but perilously slight.
  9. Verhoeven, who inflicted "Showgirls" on us, skips the provacative questions raised by invisibility and goes straight to rape and murder.
  10. It's refried comic beans that smell stale and smack of desperation.
  11. This new take on horror is more of the bloody same.
  12. A sappy big-screen version of TV's "CSI."
  13. Cringingly earnest, totally unremarkable fable.
  14. Director Elie Chouraqui, who co-wrote the script, catches the chaotic horror of war, but why bother if you're going to subjugate truth to the tear-jerking demands of soap opera?
  15. Potter gets the period details right, but the film itself has long since flown off the rails, miring good intentions in rank soap opera.
  16. Just isn't enough.
  17. Alleged family fun.
  18. Satire in a blanket of bland.
  19. Though saddled with hoary jokes, Goldberg at least pumps some funky life into the bland proceedings.
  20. What the film lacks is suspense, surprise (the new ending is a dud) and passion.
  21. A movie about death that stubbornly refuses to come to life.
  22. Even director Carl Franklin, an artful purveyor of sterner stuff in "One False Move" and "Devil in a Blue Dress," can't prevent One True Thing from descending into chick-movie hell.
  23. Con Air has all the signs of a hit. That's depressing.
  24. This afternoon-TV special trying to pass as a real movie earns an extra half star solely for Samuel L. Jackson, who brings his usual fire to the role.
  25. A borrowed idea -- hello, "Blade Runner," hi there, "Matrix" -- but an idea nonetheless.
  26. It's not just that Jennifer Lopez looks lost and out of her league acting with Robert Redford and Morgan Freeman. That's to be expected. It's the drag-ass solemnity of this turgid family drama that makes you crazy.
  27. The movie, however, is a crock.
  28. Director Sydney Pollack zapped out a taut thriller in "Three Days of the Condor". But The Firm is mostly flab, in the manner of Pollack's elephantine Havana.
  29. Political satire is so rare that it's a shame to watch the reliable Ralph Fiennes and Donald Sutherland lend their talents to one that is blind to its own incompetence.
  30. It's not so bad that it's good. It's so bland that it's boring. Not even worth a hissss.

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