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  1. Creator Kurt Sutter, a longtime writer for "The Shield," has said that he wanted to create a West coast version of "The Sopranos," but the world he created sometimes feels like "The Sopranos" without any discernible moral compass.
  2. The whole thing would be worthwhile but ultimately forgettable, if not for some particularly heart-wrenching scenes where Okonedo really makes us feel for poor Nancy, the conflicted prostitute who loves that nasty Sikes in spite of herself.
  3. The banging-the-president plot may outdo "Grey's" and "Private Practice's" in sheer headline-grabbing, gonzo boldness, but it's still ill-advised. The chief executive needs to button up, and even Shonda Rhimes can't make a TV show escapist and over the top enough to obviate that--though, it sure should be interesting to watch her try.
  4. Her persona combines Whitney Cummings’ bawdiness and Mindy Kaling’s entitlement with a self-proclaimed slutty streak (“I am sluttier than your average bear,” she proclaims), a familiar combination that feels original only in flashes. Schumer is sharper than her material.
  5. The results contain both fart jokes and erudition, but not so much heart. Family Tree is colder and flatter than Guest’s best work, missing its inspired kookery and high energy strangeness.
  6. Gossip Girl should be a good ride, at least until all the characters become more and more likable and there's no conflict or tension anymore, and then you have to kill off the weakest one just to get people to pay any attention.
  7. A fourth season that, while competent, also feels somewhat beside the point.... This season the characters are making a concerted effort to change, but the show itself: not so much.
  8. The meandering pace of this show feels a little tedious... Still, "Random 1" does offer a more inspiring aftertaste than the saccharine "Scooby-Doo" endings of "Three Wishes."
  9. Suddenly this might as well be "Fringe" or "Warehouse 13" or "The X-Files" or "Eureka" or any one of hundreds of shows that involve FBI agents and international espionage and terrorist thugs and secret plots to take over the universe. Come on, now. Isn't there a new way to handle the alien invasion story?
  10. After two hours of Red Widow, I can tell it’s more watered down than it should be, but not if it’s watered down to the point of uselessness. If it can get at, to any extent, the way being a lawbreaking, badass, antiheroine might be fundamentally, complicatedly different from being a lawbreaking, badass, antihero I’ll keep watching.
  11. If the show pulls back on the sour humans a bit and keeps it up with the cute animals, it might have something.
  12. It remains the most ambitious show on TV with nothing to say at all.
  13. If you've only watched a few episodes of ["The Amazing Race"] but never really appreciated its ability to amaze, tune in for an episode of "Treasure Hunters" and you'll begin to understand just how high "TAR" has set the bar.
  14. Nothing in this pilot is as compelling as the idea for the show, which begs philosophical and ethical questions that Spielberg and company (for now, at least) aren't interested in addressing.
  15. It’s always interesting--Maslany is particularly transcendent when she acts as one clone disguised as another clone, which occurs again in season 3, and the show even finds a way to introduce waterboarding into its already politically charged narrative. But Orphan Black lost its grip on the story sometime early in season 2, and introducing even more characters has not proven to be a way to reclaim it.
    • 66 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    The pilot delivers some hearty laughs, but it also has a couple of painfully tired bits that come close to deflating the entire proceedings.
  16. Abrams, the quintessential American dreamer and overindulger, the ultimate boyish idiot-savant imaginator, just can't control himself. He can't exercise a little self-restraint.
  17. The new episodes are such a good faith effort to continue Harmon’s legacy it’s a shame that they don’t really work at all.
  18. The show is not just about the struggle between the good and the mediocre, it is itself a struggle between the good and the mediocre.
  19. Somehow the same clunky philosophizing and heartfelt confessions fall flat in Caprica. Although the second and third episodes of the prequel are a little more intriguing and less gummed up with melodrama than the pilot, the overall picture is a world apart from the dynamism and intensity of "Battlestar."
  20. As with many of these series, Honey Boo Boo wobbles along that strange line of being at once an exploitative mess, and not just an exploitative mess.
  21. Smart writing, fine cast, cool setting and story, but so far Crusoe can't help feeling a little dorky and dated.
  22. Golden Boy’s half-bakedness--part totally competent TV show, part lazily executed one--permeates throughout.
  23. Revolution takes a high-stakes, specific premise--the end of the world through a total collapse of technology--and makes it as dull and generic as possible.
  24. ABC's The Middle, a comedy about living in the nondescript middle part of the country, resides somewhere in the nondescript middle of the pack of new fall comedies.
  25. while there is always another clip or song of interest, there's a lot lost in the middle.
  26. Like some of the CW's less captivating offerings, this show is a cheese pizza with cheese-stuffed crust. But if that sounds tasty, by all means, enjoy!
  27. I missed two seasons of this show but was able to jump right into it again as if it were a "Law and Order" spinoff. That would be OK if it weren't so painfully obvious that Californication aspires to be more than just a passively entertaining time-waster (or even an actively entertaining one like "Dream On").
  28. The results are a captivating, riveting, rousing, condescending, smug, infuriating mixture, a potent potion that advertises itself as intelligence-enhancing but is actually just crazy-making.
  29. Phil Spector is missing dramatic tension. It’s staged as a movie but it’s constructed more like a play, with plenty of scenes of two people exchanging Mametian dialogue in claustrophobic spaces.

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