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  1. When you watch this show, you can almost hear some big, dumb executive animal saying, "We want a single-camera comedy that's weird and dark and fun, you know, like 'Arrested Development,' except with a young, sexy cast!"
  2. The six-hour film plays like a 9/11 version of "Syriana" or "Traffic," replete with ultra-close-ups and so much shaky, hand-held footage it can feel like being led around the world, half-drunk and half-blind.
  3. Even as we're prompted to be horrified by Hewes, her unrepentant nastiness, when paired with her immense power, leaves us very little to hope for here.
  4. Sadly, no matter how spunky and weird Eli Stone might be at times, at its heart it's Slick Yuppie Lawyer Makes Good, for the millionth time over.
  5. While the show's portrayals of King Henry VIII and Cardinal Wolsey and Lady Anne Boleyn feel reasonably vivid, there's a flatness to them, as if it's enough to merely tell the story convincingly and make everyone look damn good in corsets and puffy sleeves along the way.
  6. Basically, the whole thing is stylish and '70s-sexy but also shallow enough to feel like a less funny, hollowed-out combination of "The Wonder Years" and "Boogie Nights."
  7. Entourage is officially treading water, and the truth is it was never a great show to begin with.
  8. The Ex List tries to pull off an impossible balancing act: We're supposed to believe that Bella is at once pathetic and admirable, hapless and perkily resilient. As a result, this scrounging-single fable is an unrealistic, clumsy, cringe-inducing mess.
  9. Unfortunately, Blair's bratty take on Kim is repetitive and not even mildly amusing, Shannon is wonderful at her role (as always) but doesn't have much of a character to work with, and the stories are neither real enough to be relatable nor outrageous enough to flesh out a true farce.
  10. I'd like to fall for Castle, but ultimately there's not that much there to love.
  11. Piven seems perfect for the role of Cupid: Sweet, manic and slightly slippery. Cannavale and Paulson, on the other hand, don't come close to having Piven's comic timing, and that's a serious impediment.
  12. NYC Prep is the reality version of "Gossip Girl" for those who take "Gossip Girl" a little too seriously--and don't mind that real prep school kids are far less witty and fascinating than the scripted ones.
  13. Not a bad start, until the show's editors get their sticky fingers into this pie, and then all we get is one clip after another of a big-boned lady weeping over her inability to find love, thanks to her size.
  14. You'd have to have ice water flowing through your veins not to enjoy this elaborate P.R. experiment in spite of yourself.
  15. If this were a show about creative passion, then maybe Ben and Cam would be a little more interesting than the glossy professional yuppies on every other channel, straining to make that promotion and bag that babe. Unfortunately, as Ben and Cam demonstrate, more often than not the desire to "make it" is exactly as vague and empty as those two words imply.
  16. Everyone involved with this production obviously meant well--this TV movie doesn't have a cruel or ignorant moment--but good intentions aren't enough.
  17. Camelot teeters on the edge of camp, but it doesn't have the nerve to pitch itself into the abyss and just be trashy.
  18. It's an oxymoron: a show about identity theft with no personality.
  19. It's not nearly as highbrow and well-constructed as it needs to be, and it's far too serious and plodding to be a zippy break from reality.
  20. What's really disappointing about Magic City is that if it weren't so desperate to be "Mad Men" in Miami Beach or The Jewish Godfather it could be an energetic, escapist hour of television.
  21. The show is ludicrous, nonsensical, dopey, and pretty fun--so, basically the perfect sort of TV show to be airing on Lifetime.
  22. It's got law and lawlessness duking it out against a backdrop of grime, guts and gravelly voices, but this is all served up humorlessly and laden with self-seriousness.
  23. The results are a captivating, riveting, rousing, condescending, smug, infuriating mixture, a potent potion that advertises itself as intelligence-enhancing but is actually just crazy-making.
  24. SEAL Team Six, a shallow TV movie about the raid to kill Osama Bin Laden, stars a bevy of beefcakes in Navy SEAL costumes--and Barack Obama.
  25. Because Do No Harm wants to be more than just some shlocky Jekyll and Hyde--remake it has made Ian a very bad man, and yet he is not nearly bad enough.
  26. The show has got a ponderous B-movie quality, everything so serious and simultaneously so silly.
  27. Phil Spector is missing dramatic tension. It’s staged as a movie but it’s constructed more like a play, with plenty of scenes of two people exchanging Mametian dialogue in claustrophobic spaces.
  28. It’s moody and slow and ponderous, elegant as Mikkelsen’s perfectly coiffed hair, except in the winky moments when, say, Hannibal serves Will an egg scramble that must contain body parts and Will unknowingly finds it delicious.
  29. Even more so than in season’s past, the non-vampire storylines seem irrelevant and extraneous.
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    An old-fashioned talent show with the new-fashioned feature of value-added public humiliation, 'American Idol' is a 'Gong Show' the Marquis de Sade would love.

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