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  1. Even when an episode feels slower-paced than others, as this one does, Weiss’s and Benioff’s plot structuring keeps the action moving. And subplots circle back on themselves, with purpose.
  2. Mad Men is smart, funny, eye-opening, and probably 10 times better than anything you'll see this fall, so don't miss it.
  3. Getting to know these characters can be incredibly entertaining but, like the pets each keeps at arm’s length in their respective shows, they’re best experienced in limited doses.
  4. while there is always another clip or song of interest, there's a lot lost in the middle.
  5. [Hari Kondabolu has] taken the issue in hand skillfully here, regardless of whether his message changes how the audience, and Azaria, view Apu from now on.
  6. The result is a show that is lushly intimate, the second season building on the foundation of the previous.
  7. Wise glows with such confidence and poise in every scene that even when Nola is many sheets to the wind, you can’t help but forgive her. The actress makes her too fun, too seductive and too much of everything to turn away.
  8. Watching Dexter endure the bubbly, enforced cheer of family life may make this the best season of the drama series to date.
  9. Aliens in America is packed with actual jokes and the story lines are tight and funny.
  10. Langford and Minnette are the magnetic core of this drama. Separately and together, they have a dynamic chemistry that glows when they share the screen and energizes their scenes with others.
  11. Life is cheap in Preacher, and the action is as mordantly hilarious as the humor is obscene. The soundtrack, too, is utilized to highly ironic effect.
  12. Has there ever been a TV show that's at once more delightful and cringe-inducing at the exact same time than Glee? Ever since it returned for its second season, this off-kilter dramedy has been nailing its high notes while still flaunting its many flaws with even more bravado than before.
  13. It remains the most ambitious show on TV with nothing to say at all.
  14. The show is not just about the struggle between the good and the mediocre, it is itself a struggle between the good and the mediocre.
  15. The Jinx can be a tad too self-referential at times, and unlike the hot-blooded thrill of the podcast “Serial,” this is a story whose particulars can all be found—albeit presented far less well—on Wikipedia. But it’s absorbing, due to the exhaustive research underpinning it and the hook of Durst’s actual, shiftless presence.
  16. Eventually one starts to think about what one is doing with one’s life and how one actually wishes to spend it rather than tripping from one youthful, unconsidered mishap into another.... I can say that Dunham and her co-creators understand that progression.
  17. For all of its charms, Nurse Jackie needs to offer a little more than an enigmatic nurse and a parade of clever grouches.
  18. In the Flesh, which starts strong and gets even stronger.
  19. Hunter is just so good and the writing is subtle enough that we're willing to go along for the ride, from those looming-tornado opening credits to the last scene of each episode, in which a new heartstrings-plucking tragedy is neatly and satisfyingly resolved.
  20. The greatest strength of these new episodes lies in Moura’s expansion of his character’s portrait, allowing us to contemplate the chilling dichotomy of Escobar’s personality.
  21. The show has dispensed with a lot of the real-world elements that made it so coldly compelling.... On the other hand, though, that purging of minor characters is setting the stage for a bigger drama entirely: the showdown between Claire and Frank.... It is a satisfying, slow build, and one that feels not just 13 episodes in the making but three seasons--not just three seasons but 30 years--for the inscrutable Claire Underwood.
  22. Performances by a stalwart cast ensure that Guerrilla works in spite of these shakier elements.
  23. A fourth season that, while competent, also feels somewhat beside the point.... This season the characters are making a concerted effort to change, but the show itself: not so much.
  24. Martha Plimpton and Garret Dillahunt as the dumb dad's parents really make this one impossible to ignore completely. And even though we've already got "Oh no the ugly chick likes me" jokes and "You're right, the baby's limbs could get amputated this way" jokes and other material that might make you smile but never laugh, there's also a slightly disturbed tone here that's hard to match on sitcoms about yuppies having bad hair days.
    • 75 Metascore
    • 80 Critic Score
    Not only does Angel make sense as an extension of the "Buffy" mythology, it makes Angel seem more alive than he's been in about, oh, 240 years
  25. Even as we're prompted to be horrified by Hewes, her unrepentant nastiness, when paired with her immense power, leaves us very little to hope for here.
  26. While the unguarded moments and eclectic musical performances --typically Costello collaborating with a guest on one of his or her lesser-known hits--make Spectacle well worth a closer look, the show occasionally feels like a songwriter's version of "Inside the Actor's Studio," with all of the qualities and the faults that implies.
  27. From the opening scene on, the “Selma” director lends her creative strengths to the story, saturating every scene with the sumptuous visuals afforded by the story’s Louisiana setting.
  28. Each week the show is both intriguing and satisfying, as we watch Alicia piece together little victories while comforting her kids and confronting lurking demons from her old life. Despite the usual familiar courtroom shenanigans, the show's full, multilayered episodes keep us interested.
  29. The show--especially by the third episode, “The Shunning”--manages to take a single story and turn it into something uniquely transformative for numerous characters; this is especially true for Eddie and Jessica, who as stay-at-home mom and eldest-immigrant son are, despite their fighting, very close to each other.

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