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2,903 movie reviews
  1. Jonze's ideas, visual and otherwise, spill out in a faux-philosophical ramble that isn't nearly as deep as he thinks it is; at best, it's a scrambled tone poem. Even the look of the picture becomes tiresome after a while -- it starts to seem depressive and shaggy and tired.
  2. Land of the Lost isn't a terrible movie. It's merely a perplexing one: Who is this thing for?
  3. Revenge of the Fallen just comes off as a bratty kid showing how many swear words he knows.
  4. Pontypool is something like a claustrophobic, locked-in-the-barn zombie movie, only almost without zombies.
  5. A romantic comedy doesn't need to be original to be enjoyable, and yet The Proposal still falls way too short of the mark.
  6. A belabored trifle that's occasionally amusing but often just bewildering.
  7. Amelia is a stunted epic, an ambitious and handsome-looking picture that tells its story in the dullest, most confusing way possible.
  8. This film's dithering, handsome, morally ambivalent Hamlet, is a profoundly unsatisfactory character.
  9. Finally, at the risk of seeming provincial, why is it OK that some Canadian has made a movie set in Ireland with no Irish people among the principal cast?
  10. Disjointed and disorganized, and it meanders when it needs to gallop.
  11. The 3-D film is flat, the CGI-enhanced characters oddly waxen. In the center of the action is Jim Carrey -- or at least a dead-eyed, doll-like version of Carrey -- playing Scrooge, the ghosts, a younger version of himself, and probably a dozen other parts. As a general rule of thumb, one Jim Carrey is plenty for any movie.
  12. The Wolfman isn't crazy enough to be fun or multilayered enough to be touching. It's impossible to have any real feeling for this anguished beastie.
  13. A dispiriting and thoroughly ineffective romantic comedy, with some juicy morsels provided around the edges by a great supporting cast but no heat whatever in the central coupling between Lopez and Aussie TV hunk Alex O'Loughlin.
  14. Reasonably good fun. If you're a 12-year-old boy riding an intense Cherry Pepsi buzz and totally devoted to destroying some brain cells, that is.
  15. Somehow Kutcher and Heigl and Tom Selleck and Catherine O'Hara (as her parents) are all fun to watch a fair amount of the time, without the movie they're in being any good at all.
  16. Forget the heat of passion: The movie never breaks a sweat.
  17. For the most part "Inception" is a handsome, clever and grindingly self-serious boy-movie, shorn of imagination, libido, spirituality or emotional depth. Nolan establishes a fascinating world, loaded with trapdoors, symbols and hidden secrets, and then squanders the opportunity on an overpriced "Twilight Zone" episode.
  18. A minor and superficial summer diversion that offers female viewers not much more than a two-hour escape fantasy, but that's not a crime.
  19. Given the debased standards of action cinema these days this might be enough to make The Town a hit. But almost everything else about the movie is badly off balance, starting with Affleck's decision to cast himself as the implacably sexy and good-hearted Doug.
  20. A movie that opens with a sensational bang and then proceeds to pursue the Big Questions about life and death in lovely, lugubrious and increasingly off-putting fashion, until all its drama has been frittered away in a dreamy, drifty haze.
    • 47 Metascore
    • 40 Critic Score
    Anyone heading to Burlesque expecting it to live up to the standards of "Showgirls" is in for some serious disappointment: Burlesque isn't good, mind you, but it isn't the kind of bad that inspires midnight screenings and drinking games and Halloween costumes.
    • 39 Metascore
    • 40 Critic Score
    Sells itself as a traditional Hollywood riches-to-rags comedy -- overdressed brat gets taken down a peg, falls in love with a hunky prole, and learns that love is more important than shoes...So why is Hollywood returning the favor by making such dreadful movies for Latino audiences?
  21. Whatever his faults as a filmmaker may be, Cameron would never make an adventure flick that felt this bland and generic.
  22. It's strange and stupid and half-compelling and sometimes beautiful.
  23. Begins as pseudo-realism before descending into weird and mangled wank-job fantasy.
  24. The hit-to-miss gag ratio is atrocious, and we spend most of the movie hanging out with these borderline-agreeable characters, waiting for something to happen.
  25. It's occasionally funny and a lot painful.
  26. 30 Minutes or Less features about half of a decent idea, which works out OK since it ends up as half a movie.
  27. A movie so addicted to the crack pipe of delirious cinematic badness that it has real potential as a camp classic.
    • 37 Metascore
    • 40 Critic Score
    Seven Days in Utopia is flawed in so many ways -- the editing, writing, acting and Matthew Dean Russell's direction are uniformly weak -- that this well-intentioned film does its positive messages a disservice.

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