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Highest review score: 100 Manufactured Landscapes
Lowest review score: 0 The In Crowd
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2,934 movie reviews
  1. Familiar and profoundly unoriginal.
  2. It's an English movie doing its best to masquerade as the shallowest kind of Hollywood romantic comedy, as if somewhere along the way someone had made a calculated supposition that would be the only kind of comedy American audiences would buy.
  3. Fragmented and contrived, like a badly mapped-out scrapbook.
  4. It hovers somewhere in that never-never land of movies that try to do too much and don't quite live up to any of their ambitions.
  5. There's some sort of gross egotism involved in linking great music to visuals that are so unabashedly kitschy.
  6. Edward Norton's dopey directorial debut gives interfaith romance a bad name.
  7. A grim, sour view of single life.
  8. Doesn't work at any level, but the total lack of chemistry between its central couple is fatal.
  9. A dreary, ludicrous thriller.
  10. A pallid, mediocre tale that treacles its way through well-worn channels.
  11. Just a string of cute gags and pouting on Isabella's part that's supposed to signify soul-searching.
  12. You get the feeling that everyone was in a good mood and the margaritas were pouring, but neither Gallo nor anybody else ever found a bottom line for this movie or its characters.
  13. A dreary, humorless affair, with no real feeling for the rhythms of either baseball or love.
  14. Stupid, empty and -- worst of all -- fantastically boring.
  15. An academic exercise driven by adolescent ideas that never shape themselves into a narrative: in short, a movie that can never dislodge the art fatally wedged up its butt.
    • 67 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    A thoroughly bland and mediocre movie about the Cuban missile crisis.
  16. Between the 12th floor and the 14th floor, boredom awaits!
  17. A dismally unfunny comedy, but that's not what's depressing about it. Worse by far is the palpable desperation in Goldie Hawn's performance.
  18. O
    The film is a plodding, earnest adaptation that strips the source of its richness and ambiguity.
  19. What we've really got here is a tame screwball adventure dressed up with some desert scenery and some awful computer graphics.
  20. A brain-dead version of a dark and complex work.
  21. Isn't a serious attempt to deal with our vulnerability to terrorism, or to address how established channels of power can bring us to the brink. It's the same damn Tom Clancy picture that's been churned out since "The Hunt for Red October," as humorless and gray and dour as its predecessors.
  22. The air leaks out of Gaudí Afternoon gradually but steadily, until all we're left with is a limp rag of a balloon.
  23. This alleged thriller, which might be described as "'Gaslight' Goes to College," is one of the most incoherent features in recent memory.
  24. This adolescent comic-noir trounces Shakespeare's "Macbeth," but Maura Tierney sizzles as a vengeful Lady Frycook.
  25. Deadly dull.
  26. Every scene is coated with Marshall's thumbprints, ultimately connecting into a manhandled, mangled, misshapen whole, its themes written out in thunderously obvious cues.
  27. Even with the outlandish characters, gaudy colors and gay satire, this smug John Waters knockoff can't stand up to the real thing.
  28. This is a movie full of now-you-see-it, now-you-don't plot points.
  29. Leaving the theater, I couldn't quell those waves of disappointment: It just should have been funnier.

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