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2,927 movie reviews
  1. When the enchanted crab is the most appealing character in a movie, you know you're in some serious metaphoric hot water.
  2. It's mostly terrible. The movie has no sparkle, no charm, nothing to sweep us off our feet.
  3. This might be the edgiest film of the year -- if the year were 1982.
  4. Shot after shot photographed at wobbly, off-center angles for no particular reason, weigh every action sequence down with super-slo-mo in lame imitation of "The Matrix" or end every single scene with a vertical wipe.
  5. All noise with very little fun, and almost no restraint.
    • 36 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    There's not enough fast and even less furious.
    • 23 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    If explosive defecation is your idea of a laff riot, this picture -- and the Headrillaz soundtrack, by extension -- should be perfect fun.
  6. I don't even care that there's no plot in this Antonio Banderas-Lucy Liu faceoff. It's still terrible!
  7. Stumbles along laboriously, its jokes following one after another in a sloppy, flat-footed walk.
  8. LaBute is some kind of find: an auteur for people who don't like movies.
  9. Like so many self-conscious directors, Julie Taymor wrecks Shakespeare's already disastrous play with her own horrific vision.
  10. The movie is so thoroughly lousy. It's loud, brash and obvious, full of car chases and explosions and gunplay.
  11. It's too mild to be crass; it's clumsy. Lehmann has made what amounts to an anti-sex sex comedy, the first youth sex comedy made to be enjoyed by those creepy abstinence teens.
  12. Pretty much everything in this high-space war yarn has been swiped from other, better movies.
    • 30 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    Just as the author's characters suffer through their immortality, as they crave closure and a death to their blood-sucking madness, so Queen of the Damned demands an end to its own misery.
    • 76 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    A 3 hour fusillade of cliches.
  13. No director in the history of moviemaking has expended so much effort in the service of drying up and blowing off the landscape.
  14. An art-house horror movie, and like most art-house versions of genre films, all the vitality and juice of genre conventions have been sucked right out. The irony of the movie is that it puts you into the same torpor that's supposed to be afflicting the characters.
  15. To say that the film is unpleasant would imply that there's an emotional reaction to be gotten from it. I'd have to believe that there was someone, somewhere, who would actually care.
  16. A vehicle for teen singing sensation Mandy Moore. As vehicles go, it's an Edsel.
  17. Poops out before it ever really gets going.
  18. Such an inept bundle of work -- crying out for the filmmaking equivalent of Ritalin, but still sluggish as syrup -- that it doesn't even provide an opportunity to ogle properly.
  19. A leaden exercise in what can go wrong when movies attempt to explore mysterious forces with dated special effects and easy symbolism...a soggy mess.
  20. Because the movie never fully engages us, it never quite manages to allay our queasiness about watching the boy's distress.
  21. There's something offensive about how Mamet continues to win praise as a serious filmmaker with such a joyless picture, a picture that -- intentionally -- gives the audience so little.
  22. Just slides off the screen and disappears.
  23. Dragonfly wants desperately to be the spiritual heir to "The Sixth Sense," but it's not even as effective a thriller.
  24. Klapisch wants his characters shiny bright, and winds up making them excruciatingly dull in the process. Watching L'Auberge Espagnole is like seeing the young Maoist revolutionaries of Jean-Luc Godard's 1967 "La Chinoise" body-snatched by the international touring company of "Up With People."
  25. Another Jerry Bruckheimer-Michael Bay demonstration of spectacle -- noise, stunts, the aforementioned incoherent editing -- taking precedence over story and character... by far the most brutal American picture released this summer.
  26. It's supposed to be visually exciting, but the result is more like a corpse-strewn Gap khakis ad than a triumph of technique. At least, based on the film's grainy texture and amber lighting, it's nice to know that the guy who shot every porn movie released in the '70s appears to be working again.

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