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2,998 movie reviews
  1. So truly and exceptionally fine, a spiny and dispassionate little masterpiece of a marriage movie.
  2. The Tree of Life is pretty much nuts overall, a manic hybrid folly with flashes of brilliance. But even if that's true it's a noble crazy, a miraculous William Butler Yeats kind of crazy, alive with passion for art and the world, for all that is lost and not lost and still to come.
  3. Isn't much more than marvelous entertainment -- but then, that's a lot right there.
  4. Superman, born in 1938, is still very much alive in 2006. The Man of Steel has so skillfully bent the bars of our imagination that he seems real to us. And in a sense, he is.
  5. There are so many great things happening on almost every level of this movie, from Swinton's haunting, magnetic and tremendously vulnerable performance, which is absolutely free of condescension to the suburban American wife-ness of her character, to the many unsettling individual moments.
  6. One of those rare literary adaptations that finds its fidelity in freedom, that stands as both a fitting version of its source material and as its own creation.
    • 82 Metascore
    • 90 Critic Score
    A kinetic and unstoppable ride.
  7. If Alfred Hitchcock had grown up as a Palestinian, he might have made something like Hany Abu-Assad’s Oscar-nominated Omar, which is a tender love story, a haunting tragedy and an expertly crafted thriller with flawed, damaged and not entirely likable characters.
  8. An elegantly crafted entertainment, balanced between the psychological and the supernatural, that gets extra credit for not relying on computer effects.
  9. Masterfully paced and constructed, and the performances are memorable.
    • 79 Metascore
    • 90 Critic Score
    When you see The Piano Teacher in a movie theater you get a chance to go back in time, back to the days when French movies were titillating, provocative and kind of smart.
  10. An engaging and often wrenching film, Food, Inc. covers a wide range of material, including the horrific, the humorous and the exemplary.
  11. Anderson's Lily is the kind of heroine who earns our protectiveness by never begging for it; it's an astonishing performance.
  12. But at his best - and his new movie, The Day He Arrives, is among his very best - Hong offers a strange mixture of magic, mystery, rueful melodrama and dry comedy that's like absolutely nothing else.
  13. It's a deluxe vacation for adults with all frills included: glamorous settings, glamorous clothes, glamorous sex.
  14. Cowperthwaite builds a portrait of an intelligent but profoundly traumatized animal who was taken from his family in the North Atlantic as an infant, and has been driven to anger, resentment and perhaps psychosis after spending his life in a series of concrete swimming pools.
  15. It's a wholly amoral movie, but it's honestly amoral. And that's a relief for the audience.
  16. Inherent Vice is like that; you’ll have to enjoy it for the pileup of exquisite images and hilarious episodes, and let go of the need to hold the whole thing in your head, or you won’t enjoy it at all.
  17. What makes Tulpan remarkable are the extended unbroken scenes, both dramatic and comic.
  18. In a world of movies that try far too hard to move, entertain and dazzle us, the artistry of Hustle & Flow lies in the way it waits for us to come to it. We can walk as slowly as we want, but sooner or later, it's going to get us.
    • 80 Metascore
    • 90 Critic Score
    Possesses that rarest of qualities: moral humility.
  19. I love Jackson's "Rings" saga despite his propensity for whimsical animation whenever he tries to strike a chord of dread or menace.
  20. Aladag's point, I think, is that no matter how righteous we may feel about this kind of zero-sum cultural collision, for the human beings involved it often results in unbearable tragedy.
  21. A giddy madcap classic, one of the wildest and funniest American comedies in years.
  22. Intelligent, visually rich filmmaking.
  23. Intimate, terrifying and positively riveting documentary.
  24. It's a dark and dazzling spectacle.
  25. It's by far the funniest and warmest movie Araki has ever made, with much less juvenile angst and much more command of his craft.
  26. It's the most ambitious and impressive Coen film in at least a decade, featuring the flat, sun-blasted landscapes of west Texas -- spectacularly shot by cinematographer Roger Deakins -- and an eerily memorable performance by Javier Bardem, in a Ringo Starr haircut.
  27. A work of tremendous passion, daring and delicacy.

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