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2,968 movie reviews
  1. A comedy of remarriage that makes divorce look like a state of grace.
  2. Another insulting women's comedy.
  3. This premise could, just maybe, make for a decent thriller, but everything about Murder by Numbers is so flavorless and rote, so devoid of real suspense and human interest, that you never suspect for a moment that the answers are likely to be engaging.
  4. Pretty much three well-staged action sequences strung together with the dumbest imaginable connective tissue.
  5. Anti-Americanism is a small matter when a movie is anti-human. Dogville is as total a misanthropic vision as anything control freak Stanley Kubrick ever turned out.
  6. It is a testament to our national determination that Nathan is not stymied by his almost complete lack of talent, his slipshod timing or his crude comic sensibility.
  7. Sells ignorance as a refined evening's entertainment.
  8. The Negotiator slogs on for two hours and 20 minutes, and there's hardly a real laugh or a genuine thrill in it.
  9. The comedy is tepid, the action is dopey and even the violence is boring and occasionally cruel.
  10. It's both slack and bloated; I've been to Catholic wedding masses that had more zip. I think it clocked in at fewer than 90 minutes, but it seemed to last longer than most marriages do.
  11. Martin Lawrence, no Eddie Murphy, takes a reheated cross-dressing shtick and turns it into something to elate your inner fourth-grader.
  12. A jumble of spare parts and leftover dialogue, as if it had been assembled out of unused bits of every movie where an unknown whatzit threatens our way of life and the government goes into full institutional pants-crapping panic mode.
  13. The movie not only approaches a level of shamelessness you have to see to disbelieve, it does it in a manner that's both inept and crass.
  14. Doesn't seem geared to kids at all: It's so adult that it's massively boring.
  15. It takes a very clever schoolboy to make a movie as elaborately empty as Guy Ritchie's Snatch.
  16. One of the most mindless, shamelessly lazy films.
  17. A thoroughly inept piece of moviemaking. You're more likely to find a ham sandwich at a Passover seder than to find a laugh in this picture.
  18. A compendium of every cliché from every bad boxing melodrama ever made, Million Dollar Baby tries to transcend its cornball overfamiliarity with the qualities that have long characterized Eastwood's direction -- it's solemn, inflated and dull.
  19. Dragons torch the earth as manly men with weird hair battle them in this colossally misconceived dud.
  20. An excruciatingly amateurish production.
  21. It was boring and silly but not atrociously bad. No, that's much too glowing; allow me to back up and rephrase. It is atrociously bad, basically.
  22. A weaselly little thing.
  23. If The Cell were six minutes long it would blow your mind. At two hours, it's a disordered muddle of hellacious highs and pedestrian lows.
  24. I can't remember ever feeling so glad that a movie was finally over. Lucas may have held my imagination hostage for two hours, but reclaiming it afterward wasn't hard at all.
  25. Slackers is supposed to be a gross-out comedy, but the tastelessness of its jokes is nothing compared to its sheer cluelessness.
  26. Cohen had neither the chops nor the clout to prevent Get Hard from ending up, no doubt through the normal process of producer rewrites, focus groups, worried agents and weevil infestations, as a confused and contradictory mess. More to the point, it’s almost never funny, and full of elementary screenwriting blunders.
  27. Watching a movie should never be such torture.
  28. I've never seen anything crazier than Palindromes. You can read that as praise if you're that sort of person, but I don't mean it that way.
  29. Can someone explain what Nicolas Cage and Nicole Kidman are doing in a chaotic and sadistic home-invasion thriller, shot in digital colors so radioactive they appear to have leaked out of the Fukushima nuclear plant?
  30. Saw 3-D is in 3-D. Really, really bad 3-D.

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