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2,903 movie reviews
  1. Seriously, this is one of the strangest and most painful films in recent memory.
  2. Pretty much three well-staged action sequences strung together with the dumbest imaginable connective tissue.
  3. It's a movie barely fit for a cretin, much less a King. If you hear a door slam in the theater, you'll know that Elvis has left the building -- in disgust.
  4. Sandler deserves to be damned to the pits of hell for this witless masturbatory comedy.
  5. The directorial debut of the writer of "The Usual Suspects" keeps tossing the genre hand grenades one might expect, but they all wind up duds.
  6. Startlingly inept from start to finish -- it's atrociously written, poorly shot and edited and fatally unfocused.
  7. It's so uncomplicated you could go out for spaghetti after the first 10 minutes and slip back into your seat just in time for the last 10, and you wouldn't feel you'd missed a thing, save a rumble or two.
  8. There isn't a frame of The Musketeer that's believable even as a Hollywood re-creation of a fantasy world. It's conventionally picturesque, except in the nighttime and interior scenes, which are dark to the point of glaucoma.
  9. This awkward fable of ghetto redemption mixes painfully earnest message-delivery with occasional scenes of brutal violence.
  10. Classic Rudolph: a tone of sweet-edged, slightly kooky melancholy, a terrific cast mostly left to its own devices and a few intriguing moments. Not, I'm sorry to say, a movie.
  11. Doesn't quite have the goods.
  12. One of those strained caper movies that's hardly any fun to watch and begins to vaporize from your memory minutes after it ends.
  13. The film flails incoherently from set to set, trying to be kicky and madcap and pop, but with no sense of the show's casual acceptance of the absurd.
  14. This one's a pile of crap that won't start.
  15. Let's be real clear about this: You've got to be suffering from some major trash-culture brain damage to enjoy a movie like Ready to Rumble.
  16. Unwatchable.
  17. A lugubrious sub-"Exorcist" demonic possession film that's absolutely no fun at all.
  18. A stupid, brutal and nonsensical picture.
    • 47 Metascore
    • 10 Critic Score
    It should have been sent straight to video. As a courtroom drama, it stumbles from one ludicrous howler to another. Were the movie's "legal technical advisers" on another planet while the rest of the world was learning about legal procedure courtesy of the O.J. trial?
  19. A dumb and sloppy movie.
  20. The disgrace of Steal This Movie isn't just that it fails to do justice to its subject, but that, as a movie, it's barely competent.
  21. Isn't dubbed. But it sure feels like it. The characters open their mouths and their lips don't seem to be shaping the right words -- you can't believe any human beings would ever utter such ludicrous dialogue, with so little conviction.
  22. Mildly grisly, assaultively noisy and tremendously boring.
  23. All Only the Strong Survive has to offer are scraps, and it's a sad thing to sit through a movie billed as a tribute to a group of terrific performers and to come away with nothing more than scraps.
  24. Not even court-ordered rehab could save this stumbling drunk of a picture.
  25. There's a vacancy in The Million Dollar Hotel, and it's between Wim Wenders' ears.
  26. I desperately wanted Glitter to be trashy and over-the-top, to be so courageously awful. As it is, it isn't nearly bad enough to be that kind of good. It's simply there, all dressed up with no place to go, and that's the most damning thing you could say about it.
  27. The point, I think, is the sheer callous inappropriateness of comedy existing within the physical reality of the camps -- even the imagined reality of a movie.
  28. This fantasy crap, fake-o effects and all, betrays princes of dice, masters of graph and wielders of bong.
  29. Leaves you feeling as if you've been alternately milked and bitch-slapped. Its manipulation is so clumsy and obvious -- and, ultimately, it goes so far astray from its original guiding principles -- that it leaves you feeling dangled and dazed.

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