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  1. All noise with very little fun, and almost no restraint.
  2. It's hard to discern exactly whom this holiday tripe is for.
  3. It's not merely that Dear Wendy was shot on Danish and German locations that don't look quite right; it's that almost every decision made by the production designers is wrong, or at least discordant.
  4. It's too mild to be crass; it's clumsy. Lehmann has made what amounts to an anti-sex sex comedy, the first youth sex comedy made to be enjoyed by those creepy abstinence teens.
  5. Just a string of cute gags and pouting on Isabella's part that's supposed to signify soul-searching.
  6. A stiff, clunky piece of work that never builds up urgency or tension. The script, by playwright Ronald Harwood, who wrote the script for Roman Polanski's "The Pianist," is close to atrocious.
  7. Did this overstuffed quality of Entourage, its KFC Double Down too-much-is-not-enough-ness, ultimately work on me? Absolutely not.
  8. In Crank: High Voltage, Statham just looks miserable, as if appearing in this lousy picture just sucked all the heart right out of him.
  9. I Hate Valentine's Day is a horror show masquerading as a romantic comedy. Maybe Vardalos is just in the wrong line of work.
  10. Fitzgerald’s influence could have crept in there by osmosis, and whatever other charges you want to level against Spring Breakers – such as incoherence, plotlessness, salaciousness and mind-numbing monotony – it has no lack of high concept.
  11. Doesn't work at any level, but the total lack of chemistry between its central couple is fatal.
  12. The movie works neither as a comedy nor as a lame melodrama -- its entertainment value is embarrassingly feeble.
  13. What we've really got here is a tame screwball adventure dressed up with some desert scenery and some awful computer graphics.
    • 59 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    A colossally dumb epic that happily traffics in third-hand imagery and ideas while feeding its audience maintenance level doses of humor, adrenaline and spectacle.
  14. It's desperately lifeless.
  15. His scattershot and ad hominem attacks against many different forms of religious hypocrisy don't add up to a coherent critique, and he's not qualified to provide one.
  16. Hoary epic of British Empire valor and cowardice, remade for seventh time, remains rot, old boy.
  17. A would-be tween-oriented hit so scrubbed and sanitized and not worthy of paying attention to that it can barely be said to exist at all.
  18. Familiar and profoundly unoriginal.
  19. Wears off in about 10.8 minutes.
  20. Just slides off the screen and disappears.
  21. Every scene is coated with Marshall's thumbprints, ultimately connecting into a manhandled, mangled, misshapen whole, its themes written out in thunderously obvious cues.
  22. Rarely has a film with such a great cast and so many moments of terrific writing and such high dramatic goals been so messy and disorganized and fundamentally bad.
  23. The picture, despite the grand panoramic scale Emmerich has tried to give it, is dopey and static. Its finest moments belong to the thundering herd of woolly mammoths who storm through the picture sometime in its first half-hour.
  24. A grim, sour view of single life.
  25. Stumbles along laboriously, its jokes following one after another in a sloppy, flat-footed walk.
  26. If you can get past the goofy writing, there's lots of noisy action in The Punisher, but little of it is particularly exhilarating. In fact, it's more of an endurance test. If you can sit through it, you should consider yourself duly punished.
  27. The story sounds great, on paper: It''s got interracial romance and betrayal, political and ethnic violence, and a faint feminist undercurrent. But the resulting movie is so pretty and so utterly lifeless you can almost smell the embalming fluid coming off the screen.
  28. On second thought, maybe just about everyone should stay away from this drearily cheerful little picture that isn't nearly as funny or as heartwarming -- or even as topical, given the economic climate -- as it thinks it is.
    • 67 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    A thoroughly bland and mediocre movie about the Cuban missile crisis.

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