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Highest review score: 100 12 Years a Slave
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2,850 movie reviews
    • 51 Metascore
    • 20 Critic Score
    Without a genuinely charming central character to pull it together, the movie is a shamble of tedious passages punctuated by a few desultory chuckles.
    • 50 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    The result is a bombastic, flashback-ridden farrago of skulking villains, scenery-chewing actors, sub-"Ivanhoe"-style dialogue and what seems like a dozen pretty, flaxen-haired men storming in and out of rooms in snits.
  1. A would-be tween-oriented hit so scrubbed and sanitized and not worthy of paying attention to that it can barely be said to exist at all.
  2. This premise could, just maybe, make for a decent thriller, but everything about Murder by Numbers is so flavorless and rote, so devoid of real suspense and human interest, that you never suspect for a moment that the answers are likely to be engaging.
  3. The most sterile of bodice-rippers, a genteel soap opera in which the sex and intrigue are so muted, so tasteful, that they practically blow off the screen in a scattering of dust.
  4. Hoary epic of British Empire valor and cowardice, remade for seventh time, remains rot, old boy.
  5. An uninspired, recycled Mafia gags caper.
  6. Cassandra's Dream, an earnest meditation on greed, desire, murder and class struggle, is one of Woody Allen's funniest movies in years -- except Allen doesn't know it.
  7. With The Good German, Soderbergh -- generally a terrific and creative filmmaker -- apes a style, and a way of seeing, that he clearly doesn't understand. It feels like a hit to the stomach.
  8. That's the culture we live in, where the once-proscribed Pleasure Principle has become iron law and where the recycled, bloated, fish-belly emptiness of something like TRON: Legacy carries boredom to extravagant new heights.
  9. The picture is just a catalog of strained camera moves and preprogrammed gags, with no wit or style.
  10. The directorial debut of the writer of "The Usual Suspects" keeps tossing the genre hand grenades one might expect, but they all wind up duds.
  11. The fact that its sound and photography are gracefully crafted, or that fragments of a tolerable film are visible here and there, only makes its dumb-ass, romance-novel version of tragedy worse. This is one of the most badly botched mainstream movies I've seen in years.
  12. Leaving the theater, I couldn't quell those waves of disappointment: It just should have been funnier.
  13. Put Bruce Willis and this bewildering World War II movie in front of the firing line.
  14. This adolescent comic-noir trounces Shakespeare's "Macbeth," but Maura Tierney sizzles as a vengeful Lady Frycook.
  15. The pacing is off, the emotional tone is wobbly, and none of the actors seem to be acting in the same style or the same movie.
  16. Perfectly inoffensive and harmless, but it's also drab and inert.
  17. Not 10 minutes into the smeary mess that is The Man in the Iron Mask, the only sensible question to ask yourself is, "What am I doing here?"
  18. I walked out of Scary Movie feeling as if I'd been whacked around with a two-by-four for an hour and a half.
  19. What we've really got here is a tame screwball adventure dressed up with some desert scenery and some awful computer graphics.
  20. You could definitely call it awful, and I'm about to do so, repeatedly and effusively. In fact, One Day is an appallingly bad movie made by talented people who could and should have done much better, but somehow all drove off the cliff together.
  21. It sometimes produces moments of unexpected power. It also produces a bizarre and fatally uneven movie, veering from black comedy to utter stupidity to maudlin religiosity, which seems to have been made in total defiance of both narrative conventions and emotional logic.
  22. Aggressively offensive.
  23. The story sounds great, on paper: It''s got interracial romance and betrayal, political and ethnic violence, and a faint feminist undercurrent. But the resulting movie is so pretty and so utterly lifeless you can almost smell the embalming fluid coming off the screen.
  24. Stupid, empty and -- worst of all -- fantastically boring.
  25. Boring at best and insidious at worst.
  26. So contemptuous toward its own characters, and its audience, that it chokes off any visceral thrills it might have offered. The movie substitutes calculation for brains, and the filmmakers seem to think we'll all be too stupid to notice.
  27. It's all just an embarrassment, the kind of pointless slog you'll encounter on Netflix in two years and wonder, How the hell did that get made?
    • 47 Metascore
    • 10 Critic Score
    It should have been sent straight to video. As a courtroom drama, it stumbles from one ludicrous howler to another. Were the movie's "legal technical advisers" on another planet while the rest of the world was learning about legal procedure courtesy of the O.J. trial?

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