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  1. Toback has hit a new low. The candor and shrugging good humor Toback, at his best, used to show has been replaced by a repellent slurpiness: The whole picture seems coated with a slimy sheen of drool.
  2. It's hard to remember a movie that has asked us to care, without giving us reason to, about a character who is so thoroughly and relentlessly a prick.
  3. You would never have predicted it from the breakout success of "Pretty Woman" nearly a decade ago, but it turns out that the pairing of Richard Gere and Julia Roberts has ripened over the years into something resembling month-old brie.
  4. Even with the outlandish characters, gaudy colors and gay satire, this smug John Waters knockoff can't stand up to the real thing.
  5. Never have a great historical hero's accomplishments seemed so inconsequential, or so damned hard to figure out.
  6. Let’s be clear right up front that The Maid’s Room doesn’t quite work, intriguing premise and all, and that the fault lies with Walker’s labored script and wooden characterization.
  7. Dragons torch the earth as manly men with weird hair battle them in this colossally misconceived dud.
    • 39 Metascore
    • 40 Critic Score
    Sells itself as a traditional Hollywood riches-to-rags comedy -- overdressed brat gets taken down a peg, falls in love with a hunky prole, and learns that love is more important than shoes...So why is Hollywood returning the favor by making such dreadful movies for Latino audiences?
  8. A movie that's dazzling as you watch it and immediately unsatisfying afterward.
  9. A breezy, uncomplicated, unapologetically broad comedy.
  10. Jolie is far too good for this tripe but she does give the film its only believable moments, and for the first half, her concentration makes you watch her intently.
  11. Thoroughly enjoyable, but not because it's any good.
  12. Did this overstuffed quality of Entourage, its KFC Double Down too-much-is-not-enough-ness, ultimately work on me? Absolutely not.
  13. The ultra-tangled plotline of Terminator Genisys makes the rhythm of the action beats especially weird; we see the entire world nuked into rubble by the machine overlords really early in the movie, which makes it hard to get excited about a few buildings falling down later on.
  14. Life in the Bronx is hard, all right. Getting through a movie shouldn't be harder.
  15. Another Jerry Bruckheimer-Michael Bay demonstration of spectacle -- noise, stunts, the aforementioned incoherent editing -- taking precedence over story and character... by far the most brutal American picture released this summer.
  16. Intended as nothing more than a here-today, gone-tomorrow zany entertainment, and at the very least, it has a good-natured, slightly raunchy spirit about it. But ultimately, it's a hollow enterprise, all ping and no pong. It doesn't bounce; it splats.
    • 38 Metascore
    • 30 Critic Score
    A loud, garish and very untimely romantic comedy.
  17. If it's a nonsensical patchwork quilt, it's mostly a watchable one.
  18. This is a parlor trick, but it's a hell of a good one.
  19. If a couple who belonged to the Christian Coalition, or your maiden aunt, or George and Laura Bush were looking for a reassuring night out, Raising Helen would fit the bill nicely.
  20. The major drawback of I Don't Know How She Does It, however, is Parker herself. She seems pathologically drawn to characters who don't possess believable flaws or complications -- just annoying tics.
  21. There are five writers credited with the script for The Medallion, and between them they don't come up with a single original or amusing or clever idea.
  22. A stupid, brutal and nonsensical picture.
  23. All noise with very little fun, and almost no restraint.
  24. It's a terrible movie, stuck in plot idiocies and big, noisy set pieces like a tire mired in mud.
  25. With Men, Women & Children and the equally laborious “Labor Day,” Reitman has gotten trapped amid the crumbling edifice of Hollywood. It’s turning him old before his time.
  26. A disappointing picture that suffers from all manner of ills: Both the direction and the dialogue are stiff and awkward, and Kramer -- who also wrote the script -- crams too many not-believable-enough subplots into the movie's "Crash"-style construction. Yet Crossing Over is an interesting failure.
  27. Sandler deserves to be damned to the pits of hell for this witless masturbatory comedy.
  28. Marginally romantic and only the tiniest bit thrilling.

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