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Average Movie review score: 62
Highest review score: 100 Bowling for Columbine
Lowest review score: 0 Red Planet
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5,777 movie reviews
  1. An earthy, sexy mystery.
  2. An intelligent, well-made film about a seemingly well-adjusted, likable and loquacious woman.
  3. This is a transcendent film, deeply committed and beautifully wrought. It will make anyone who sees it look at the world with new eyes.
  4. Exceptional, powerful new documentary.
  5. An exquisite and powerful documentary -- one whose elegance only heightens its devastating impact.
  6. From the outside, Sunshine sounds like the most boring film on Earth. In fact, it's glorious.
  7. Needs to be seen and savored.
  8. Qualifies as director Giuseppe Tornatore's second full-fledged masterpiece. His first: "Cinema Paradiso."
  9. It's an horrific and tragic story, but somehow made beautiful through the care and attention of Schnabel's direction and Bardem's tender, unforgettable performance.
  10. Anybody with a soft spot for fakers, who either identifies with them or just admires their chutzpah, is going to get a kick out of Happy, Texas.
  11. Presents us with characters of such humanity and dignity that it begins to seem obscene that until now we haven't exactly given all that much thought to the Kurds.
  12. Wise, delicate and impeccably performed, Yi Yi is a three- hour drama that looks at one middle-class family in transition -- and does so with such a kind and probing eye that we all see our lives reflected through Yang's lens.
  13. A poetry of love, longing and affirmation bleeds through the music of Cuba, and some of the best sounds the island ever created are captured with embracing humanity.
  14. So wonderfully odd, even spiritual, that audiences won't be able to do anything but smile.
  15. An indelible statement on loneliness and spiritual thirst.
  16. A thrilling, audacious work.
  17. One of the best crime dramas to come along in years.
  18. At its slowest, the film has value as a historical document. At its best, the film gives a human face to stories of unimaginable suffering and unexpected triumph.
  19. Maybe it's no mystery how they did it, considering the aggregate comic talent, but this bunch achieves peaks of sublime nuttiness.
  20. Philippe Blasband's screenplay is witty and economical, and the film's editing is crisp.
  21. Her (Anderson) performance is a study in the difference between hubris and pride, remarkable for how unshowy but profoundly devastating it is.
  22. Few who see it will be sorry. Sometimes being humane means not being squeamish.
  23. An extraordinary behind-the-scenes look at the comedy game.
  24. A first-rate crime thriller and further proof that Soderbergh is one of our great contemporary film stylists.
  25. This is a smart film, told in a minor key, that augurs well for Whaley's directing career.
  26. Fascinating in its depiction of presidential leadership in action.
  27. A movie about serendipity and spontaneity.
  28. The writing, by Rapp and Catherine Dussart, is exquisite, and the performers, including Francois Truffaut's old colleague Jean-Pierre Leaud as a magistrate, are all first-rate.
  29. The result is a sprightly, entertaining film, but one in which the satire is neutralized for laughs.
  30. French director Claude Berri's exquisite, methodical Lucie Aubrac is a romantic thriller so tightly drawn it almost leaves one breathless.

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