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  1. Keeps sinking into its own grimness.
  2. Talky, emphatically unsteamy psychological drama.
  3. For a little while, comedy ensues.
  4. A tonally confused, fitfully entertaining film about a pathologically two-faced man.
  5. Lacks even mild drama.
  6. No classic, but neither was the original starring Burt Reynolds. Instead, it's an odd mix of amusing nonsense and nastiness that chugs along, hit and miss, until the last section, which is the best part of the movie and its real reason for being: the game.
  7. It's not always clear what this film is driving at, but Shiota makes the weirdness visually arresting.
  8. The filmmaking is unremarkable, but the obsessiveness of the lead character is infectious enough to make this drama passable entertainment.
  9. The spectacular scenery and compelling message counterbalance the somewhat plodding pace and wooden performances.
  10. By the end, it reveals itself as too pat, too absurd and -- as a polemic against capital punishment -- philosophically self- defeating.
  11. A junior version of "Fight Club," only with no movie stars and different moves.
  12. It’s Miller, however, who gives the most affecting performance, in that we see the light fade from her eyes. What an awful thing this husband did to her — to praise her for courage and then use all her courage against her.
  13. Feels like an extended skit stretched and stretched, maybe not to the breaking point, but to the sagging point.
  14. The semiserious comedy by director Sven Pape is in its own category, and unfortunately it's not always an interesting one.
  15. This is an unabashedly pro-democracy message movie. Judged strictly as drama, it's pretty routine.
  16. Despite bursts of hilarity and an A-list cast, this is a dark, difficult, weirdly existential film - like some seriocomic spin on "I and Thou."
  17. The film is long, empty and bogus.
  18. If you like gore, this is the movie for you.
  19. Married to the Mob picks up pace throughout and builds to an exciting finish. [19 Aug 1988]
    • San Francisco Chronicle
  20. As the camera follows four campers in a Portland, Ore., rock school for girls, the result is less a journey than a collage of random thoughts, circumstances and events. There's plenty of telling, but not enough showing.
  21. It depicts the world of a century ago in a way that comments on the anxieties facing the world today, and it does so, at least for a while, with cleverness and a sense of fun.
  22. Though Michelle’s transformation into a family-loving gal is hardly convincing, the film still moves along quickly, and McCarthy has some memorable moments in which her comic chops are on full display.
  23. Is it a comedy if the audience laughs or is it a comedy if laughs were intended, irrespective of whether they're generated? Excuse Me for Living qualifies under the second definition.
  24. Unlike Arnold Schwarzenegger, however, Vin Diesel shows no discernible comedic skills.
  25. Lister is quite funny and engaging. It's just too bad that some of that screenwriting wit couldn't have been shared with the movie's protagonist.
  26. The movie has some clumsy dialogue and awkward turns, but the picture is brisk and likable.
  27. It's like watching a bad update of an Antonioni film.
  28. It is not what could be fairly called a bad movie, but neither is it fine enough to be a good one, with its lineup of dull characters and a limp story that functions like a conveyor belt.
  29. The sexual tension is thick between the woodland creatures in Alpha and Omega, an animated children's film with a plot that has more in common with "The Blue Lagoon" than "Bambi."
  30. A sequel was called for, and so a sequel has arrived -- but it's a slightly zombie-like version, with the size, look and shape of the original movie, but without its lightness or spirit, its soul.

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