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  1. Even if it means blowing more than half the budget on animal wranglers, any movie that profiles Saddam Hussein's eldest son and Iraqi psychopath Uday Hussein is incomplete without the presence of his personal zoo. It's like filming a Michael Jackson biopic and leaving out the chimp, Ferris wheel and kid who played "Webster."
  2. Ultimately there's something too measured, too controlled in his film.
  3. Becomes tiresome.
  4. Buoyed by some sensitive performances and nearly tanked by insensitive filming.
    • 69 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    It leaves one feeling queasy about human nature.
  5. It has no ambition, little sense and false sentiment, but it does have velocity, high spirits and scale.
  6. Ted
    For all of its transgressive plush-toy sex and screw-'em humor, the plot is pretty standard stuff.
  7. There are reversals of expectation, miraculous escapes from certain doom -- all the things that make thrillers thrilling. But The Da Vinci Code isn't thrilling.
  8. The result is a film that's honest and tepid, intelligent and dull, worthy and forgettable.
  9. It exudes goodwill and high spirits, occasionally makes you feel really good, and yet here and there and in some definite ways, it kinda sorta stinks.
  10. Amenta was deeply moved by Rita's story, but his prosaic direction can't do it justice.
  11. As one might expect from a Christian film, Miracles From Heaven centers on faith — and a major miracle — but it’s also a decent family drama about a mother’s tribulations in caring for her sick child.
    • 69 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    Only a temporarily compelling conflict for a feature-length film.
  12. Vanessa Redgrave makes a regal if too-brief appearance.
  13. Summer fluff that admits to being summer fluff, but it's no better off for admitting it...Intended as lightweight comedy, but if you think about it too much, it's not so funny.
  14. Li is a phenomenon.
  15. The Dance of Reality may not succeed, but it may hold some interest to cinephiles as a relic of a kind of extravagant, overheated personal cinema that doesn't exist anymore.
  16. Something is wrong with A Good Woman: The lightning never strikes. It's never quite alive.
  17. Techine doesn't have much of a story to tell, so instead of moving the narrative forward, he expands it laterally.
  18. Dark City grabs your eyeballs and squeezes.
  19. The story is fluff, but it's mostly appealing.
  20. Astonishing visualizations of the afterlife are coupled with a drawn-out allegory about communication between the living and the dead that becomes something of a trial to sit through.
  21. At least we get Pacino and Hunter. We may not understand why this story appealed to them, except for the fact that it gave them a chance to work together.
  22. Yet here's what's strange: As awful as To Rome With Love is - and the awfulness is unmistakable - it is, as an experience, not unpleasant. You will probably see several better movies this year that you will enjoy less. It's a mess, but it's Rome. It's a mess, but it's Woody Allen.
  23. Rich supplies some eloquent grace notes, and Van Sant uses them to make understated music.
  24. Osmosis is really an occasion for the brothers to take their culture- debasing scatology to a PG crowd.
  25. Dull but sweet.
  26. The result is mixed bag, an intermittently pleasing but mostly routine effort.
  27. Far too precious and eager to please to really deserve its self-description as a fairy tale.
  28. Has beautiful scenery and some enjoyable moments but leaves the viewer feeling the need to find the book to get the rest of the story.

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