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  1. A movie that's loving and wistful and often hysterically funny.
  2. The latest in the wonderful "Before" series does three important things: It breaks out of the courtship formula, yet retains the series' quality, and it moves the lives of Celine (Julie Delpy) and Jesse (Ethan Hawke) forward in ways that are satisfying and believable. True, a romance you once envied might now be a relationship you'd not want to be in, but as long as Celine and Jesse are still talking, there's hope.
    • San Francisco Chronicle
  3. The most coolheaded of the Iraq war documentaries, the most methodical and the least polemical. Yet it's the one that will leave audiences the most shattered, angry and astounded.
  4. So comically fertile and yet so grounded in the reality of its characters that it's really a kind of marvel.
  5. Stuns with writing, acting, direction.
  6. Every year, we get only a few of these, movies that come out of nowhere, that are different, unexpected and wonderfully right. Moonlight is that kind of movie, one of the gems of 2016.
  7. In a deceptively low-key manner, Danish filmmaker Michael Madsen has beautifully crafted one of the most provocative movies of the year.
  8. A bittersweet film that tells the story of Palestinian life as eloquently as anything ever done.
  9. Evans pays careful attention to atmosphere, while giving wide berth to cinematographers Dimas Imam Subhono and Matt Flannery, who find beauty among the mayhem. Everything on screen is crystal clear and vibrant, like a city street right after the rain.
  10. An unforgettable, poetic romance from Italy whose disarming humor, blushing encounters and bittersweet flavors are certain to set off a groundswell of smiles, tears and regret.
  11. In every way, Miss Potter is a very beautiful thing.
  12. With Boogie Nights, we know we're not just watching episodes from disparate lives but a panorama of recent social history, rendered in bold, exuberant colors.
  13. Haynes elicits two great performances and provides the perfect frame for them, not just in terms of setting, but through smart casting and attention to the smallest of performances.
  14. No, T2 is not a great film, but its pleasures are great — and so rare and accomplished that they raise T2 to a level approximating greatness. There is something to be said for a movie this enjoyable. T2 is great enough.
  15. Director Duncan Jones achieves a strange and winning amalgam, a gripping action film that also works as poetry.
  16. What Mackenzie has crafted here is a crowd-pleaser with undeniable art-house elements.
  17. Emotionally sophisticated, humane and worth talking about for hours.
  18. XXY
    As finely crafted as a great work of literature.
  19. It is the best and most enjoyable American film to be released this year.
  20. A must-see for anyone still coming to terms with the chaos in Iraq.
  21. One of the most haunting and vital movies of the year.
    • 66 Metascore
    • 100 Critic Score
    It packs a lot in its 81 minutes, and does it well.
  22. This is a profound saga that makes for a great American movie.
  23. It turns out that Pepe Le Moko is even better than "Algiers."
    • 58 Metascore
    • 100 Critic Score
    With outstanding performances by Gene Hackman and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio as the embattled father and daughter, the film is a remarkably mature treatment of conflict in a family whose members are fully involved in the problems of our times. [15 Mar 1991]
    • San Francisco Chronicle
  24. The result is a film of sadness and power, the first great 21st century movie about a 21st century subject.
  25. This new film is exceptional and one of Ozon’s best.
  26. A sensitively wrought work.
  27. Henry Fool is far and away writer-director Hal Hartley's best movie.
  28. A delicious comedy that starts out promisingly as a pleasant gag comedy but then turns unexpectedly into a bright social satire.

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