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6387 movie reviews
  1. Try as it might, the movie is hardly profound, and the murky atmosphere and the leaden pace drag things down.
  2. The mystery of Nancy Drew' is how a movie can get so many things right -- particularly the inspired casting of Emma Roberts as the spunky teenage sleuth -- yet ultimately disappoint.
  3. A time-waster that might be diversionary on a dull cross-Atlantic flight -- but only in the absence of alternatives.
  4. [Duhmel] brings surprising nuance to an ostensibly shallow character, a guy who's not really bad, just caught up in his own celebrity.
  5. The film is never truly funny, but it's an amusing novelty, gaining strength from smart characterizations and sly cogency about the way people are exploited under the limelight of celebrity.
  6. The film is fun and extreme, and though in the end rather pointless, there’s a certain audacity here — a delight in extremity — that’s appealing.
  7. May be Disney's most pointedly feminist effort since "Mulan."
  8. If only the explanation and resolution of the action were more compelling, Dark Water might have been a thriller of the first order.
  9. The role of Kate, a spunky but romantically unfulfilled marketing expert, seems made for Ryan. Unfortunately, Ryan no longer seems made for it.
  10. The film is always at least mildly interesting, because international arms dealing is a fairly compelling issue, but it's never as informative as a good documentary nor as engrossing as a good narrative. It's a hybrid that's frustrating in two distinct ways.
  11. Doesn't transcend the yawner template of coming-out films.
  12. A decent-looking and harmless computer animated film that is notable mostly because it doesn't appear to contain a single original idea.
  13. Jefferson in Paris is dull, sluggish and unfocused.
  14. The premise of The Proposal is one big cliche.
  15. The least offensive teen movie in ages.
  16. With most movies, the question for viewers is: Who should see it? With Project X, the most pressing issue is: Who shouldn't see it?
  17. As Kaiulani's story, it falls flat, having collapsed under the weight of the genre's mushier conventions. There are too many swooping violins, too many trite generalizations, too few moments that throw a light on history and turn it into art.
    • 60 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    Although Jones and Pearce are interesting when onscreen alone, their chemistry is slightly off.
  18. A frustrating film that feels cobbled together.
  19. Two Night Stand has its moments. But moments are all this movie has — and all its characters are likely to get.
  20. Neither does it help that, despite the wit and literacy of Enough Sad, its form is straight out of a teen romance: A cool kid starts dating someone less cool, and then engages in some elaborate deception that, if found out, will threaten the progress of young love. The funny thing is, if Enough Said were converted wholesale into a high school romance, the characters' behavior might ring more true.
  21. About as loony and soapy as a movie can get. In other words, it's about as loony and soapy as the novel, and I say this as one who obsessively consumed all four installments in Stephenie Meyer's mega-selling series.
  22. The film's aim -- to dazzle and inspire -- is sapped by Cruise's vein-popping, running-the-marathon performance.
  23. The result is a movie that one watches with the sense of pushing it up a hill.
  24. Offers some memorable stories, but it simply tries too hard.
  25. An elegant-looking picture, carefully made and beautifully put together, but when the gloss wears off, you're left with an experience that doesn’t quite satisfy. [5 Oct 1990, Daily Datebook, E10]
    • San Francisco Chronicle
  26. It could have been something special, but two things drag it down to mediocrity -- director Clare Peploe's misunderstanding of Marivaux's rhythms, and Mira Sorvino's limitations as a classical actress.
  27. Too labored and cliched to incite passion in an audience.
  28. You know what? The whole thing is harmless.
  29. It's not a terrible movie, just a disappointingly pleasant one.

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