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Lowest review score: 0 Last Action Hero
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5,823 movie reviews
  1. Has no truth, wisdom or honesty, and it's barely entertaining.
  2. It isn't smart or even very scary.
  3. Dull and uninteresting.
  4. Almost every moment has flashes and explosions and a pulsing, relentless soundtrack. It's like being trapped inside a video game.
  5. Beneath the handsome production values, the steady motor of Ron Howard's direction and the solid acting of Mel Gibson as a flashy airline tycoon whose son is abducted in Central Park, Ransom is pure poison: the kind of hang-'em-high rouser that feeds off our basest impulses and prods us into cheering the hero on as he commits grisly, retributive acts of violence.
  6. Two hours of senselessness and overkill, decked out in lurid, bad-trip colors.
  7. Like most movies based on games, this film appears to have been quite literally doomed from the start.
  8. Visuals can't fill a spiritual vacuum, and Stay remains a pretty package that's empty on the inside.
  9. Yet, it's watchable -- not remotely enjoyable, but watchable.
  10. Nora Ephron directed it and had a hand in the screenplay, but without Travolta this film would have no reason for being.
  11. But Congo leads to nothing but a fierce battle with the gray gorillas, a kind of guns vs. fangs scene; and a convenient and incongruous volcano eruption that looks as artificial as a video game.
  12. Poor casting is compounded by a ludicrous script.
  13. What a waste.
  14. May be a good tactical move for the artist's career, but it's a bad movie.
  15. A turkey.
  16. There is little debauchery to be had in Laurence Dunmore's adaptation of The Libertine. In fact, hedonism has never looked so bleak.
  17. It's hard to sit all the way through Aeon Flux while fully awake.
  18. On its own terms, the film is overlong, repetitive and lacks impact. Even if this were the first gorilla-in-love movie ever made, audiences would come away vaguely dissatisfied, suspecting there was an intriguing idea buried somewhere in here, but it didn't quite come off.
  19. Bezucha made something perverse, a feel-bad holiday film about a repellent family, with a milquetoast dad and a smug, devious harpy of a mom.
  20. In the important things, in all the ways that really count, Caché is a handsome fraud.
  21. A few amusing moments mixed in with the painful ones.
  22. Hoodwinked is a computer-animated, "Shrek"-style satire of "Little Red Riding Hood" that offers a few laughs but overall is pretty tired.
  23. The prologue sets a simpleton tone that, distressingly, continues throughout.
  24. Everything connected with the lovers, who are the point of the movie, is either ordinary or unwittingly funny, and the laughs come early.
  25. A Christian-themed film about redemption with almost no redeeming qualities as entertainment.
  26. Humorless, confusing and not very fun to watch.
  27. The result is an incredibly disorganized movie with a few funny scenes -- most of which are revealed in the commercials.
  28. The film is obvious, weak and scattered and seems more like a practical joke than a work of genuine passion. It is without exaggeration one of the most blindingly boring films I've seen in years.
  29. Even the element of surprise isn't enough to save this film, which has too many slow parts and features an ending that's extremely tepid by 21st century horror movie standards.
  30. If London were a comedy, it just might work. Instead, it's a dead-serious marathon of angst from cool kids old enough to know they're mouthing cliches.

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