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  1. Kingpin has nastiness going for it. There are prosthesis jokes, bad-teeth jokes, ugly-women jokes, sight gags involving vomiting, etc.
  2. The movie drags.
  3. The movie makes something of a case for him, in that he is quite a good piano player, with absolute command of the blues, country and rock idioms, but there isn’t enough here to make someone a fan who isn’t already interested.
  4. A merry, wistful, tear-and-a-smile romp about the Holocaust, of all things.
  5. In Amigo, a story of the Philippine-American War, veteran filmmaker John Sayles allows his political convictions to get the better of him. The movie is a heavy-handed attack on U.S. imperialism with little to compensate in the way of character interest and genuine drama.
  6. Difficult to watch, and the film is sabotaged by an impossibly naive lead character and the repetitive auditions that become gratuitously depressing.
    • 53 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    An ambitious attempt at cinematic poetry, and how much they have succeeded depends on how well you can sort out its surrealistic meanings.
  7. Anderson almost brings off a picture worthy of his grandiose ambition.
  8. A movie that has two good ideas. It needed three.
  9. The film version is gorgeous to look at and contains amusing performances from Ralph Fiennes and Cate Blanchett in the title roles. But it fails to get inside the minds of gamblers as Peter Carey so admirably did in his Booker Prize-winning novel.
  10. Before it runs off track--it does have some spectacular moments.
  11. As a sports drama -- a genre that's gotten entirely too much play lately -- "Dreamer" is singularly unexciting.
  12. Strives for an airy, merry amorality, but it never quite achieves liftoff, though at times it comes close.
  13. Most of the bits and performances have a hard time making the transition from stage to screen.
  14. Somewhere in the translation from stage to screen, The History Boys has become an intelligent misfire. What's left is a literate but listless film.
  15. The writing, by Adam Mansbach, and direction, by Vikram Gandhi, are competent without being terribly sophisticated or daring. Terrell’s performance elevates the film, though.
  16. The movie's shift into an implausible thriller magnifies its lack of character development. But Gosling gives an impassioned performance throughout.
  17. If we're going to be honest, we need to look inside and ask ourselves: Do we really want to see a listless movie about a woman whose dream is to move into a double-wide trailer?
  18. Therapy for a Vampire has nothing to say. It just has stuff happening, none of it repulsive and all of it performed by competent actors, but that’s just not enough.
  19. Perhaps the film's greatest strength is the performance by Kwanten, who appears in HBO's "True Blood" and may be familiar from his lead role in the big-screen Aussie thriller "Red Hill." Dermody also does well.
    • 65 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    For all its drive and passion, Favela Rising is an uneven, spasmodic film.
  20. The movie itself is just a routine showcase, modest in its aspiration and effective within its limits, entertaining in the moment but, in the end, faintly silly. On the plus side, it's only 86 minutes long.
  21. Beautiful but hollow.
    • 59 Metascore
    • 50 Critic Score
    This is an ugly film, but with an undeniable allure.
  22. Flipped succeeds when it backs off the gluey nostalgia and focuses instead on the subtler pitfalls of adolescence - the tough stuff, the moral stuff, the constant tacking between fear and courage.
  23. Goes south as a sci-fi film.
  24. An entertaining film for kids and young teens. It's also a product of the era in which we're living, and weird times make for weird movies.
  25. Why is Breakfast With Scot in theaters instead of set for broadcast on the Lifetime, Hallmark or ABC Family channels?
  26. A perfect example of an Intelligent Bad Movie.
  27. It works primarily because of the chemistry between Chan and Tucker, which is at its combustible best this time out.

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