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5,972 movie reviews
  1. Stone tries to make us like Alexander because he's good, when he should have made us want to watch Alexander because he's amazing.
  2. No one is likely to claim it's a great, or even good, movie, but it does offer some guilty pleasures.
  3. The picture itself seems stoned. Line readings and whole scenes are abandoned midstream, as if Pooh lacked the attention span to see his ideas through.
  4. The first and most honest thing to say about Miracle at St. Anna is that it's an awful mess.
  5. Che
    If Soderbergh's ambition was to make us feel just how dull it would be to a woods-dwelling communist guerrilla, he succeeded.
  6. Two guys panting over the same babe leads to tedium, despite a near-record number of overheated sex scenes.
    • 12 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    That lack of concern for the way people actually interact renders the film useless as entertainment, or as a conversion tool.
  7. How can this movie not be fun?
  8. It's strung together, with cliches instead of puka shells.
  9. You've never seen a movie go from awwwww to ewwwww so fast.
  10. Kind of a bore.
  11. Innocuous and dull.
  12. This is an embarrassing film. It's a sex comedy that sets itself up as a satire of middle-class mores, except there's no truth behind any of its observations. LaBute tries to be shocking and manages only to be shockingly puerile -- tasteless in a high-school-boyish sort of way.
  13. It's all talking heads, clanging music, substandard graphics, long scans of Web-page headlines and Bowdon's heavily cadenced voiceovers.
  14. Yes
    Mostly unbearable.
  15. A Christian-themed film about redemption with almost no redeeming qualities as entertainment.
  16. It's just too bad that almost nothing in the movie seems original. The "Thriller" video may have featured hokey dancing zombies, but at least someone was making an effort.
  17. The prologue sets a simpleton tone that, distressingly, continues throughout.
  18. The narrative is a mess, and the overly long action sequences are easily forgotten.
    • San Francisco Chronicle
  19. Franco Zeffirelli's Hamlet, a senselessly adapted, ill-conceived, poorly acted mess of a film that's guaranteed to frustrate anyone who loves the play and to put everybody else to sleep. [18 Jan 1991]
    • San Francisco Chronicle
  20. Attempts to convey emotional dislocation and passion at the same time. All we get is distance.
    • 43 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    Just plain bad.
  21. Saint Laurent’s designs and working life take a backseat to scenes of him stuffing his face with pills, accidentally poisoning his dog and sleepwalking through sex with a variety of lovers. Two and a half hours of this. Bonello might as well have shown him sleeping eight hours or using the toilet for all that says about the man and his work.
  22. The Chamber has nowhere to go and it goes there slowly, flirting in all directions.
  23. A movie that features a cartoon rodent eating his brother's feces, and do you really need to know more about this update of Ross Bagdasarian's iconic musical creation?
  24. The emotional core of the movie, the relationship between Nicky and Jess, lacks impact, mostly because you can’t believe a word that they say, but also because Smith is not a strong leading man.
  25. Promised to be the season's thoughtful action picture, turns out to have few thoughts and no thrills.
  26. Jaw-droppingly awful.
  27. The film is obvious, weak and scattered and seems more like a practical joke than a work of genuine passion. It is without exaggeration one of the most blindingly boring films I've seen in years.
  28. With words streaming out of their mouths instead of into bubbles, Ethan and his gang of past, present and future lovers sound laughingly unbelievable. They're on the road to inanity.

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