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7133 movie reviews
  1. Neither a masterpiece nor a remake of one, but its wistfulness is infectious, and its melancholy mood lingers for days.
  2. Wonderfully original comedy.
  3. Nossiter's premise is good, and he intrigues us with stylish conceits, but he makes a crucial casting error. Alec ought to be someone we care about.
  4. The movie can barely muster the bravery to be even "Dude, Where's My Car" stoopid.
  5. Talk about disturbing.
  6. The picture is willfully gross, fundamentally stupid and in no way worth the discomfort of watching it. Yet it may be the most well-crafted piece of garbage this year.
  7. Wong denies us the satisfaction of resolution, but in sharing his mastery of cinema, and his gift for conveying mood, desire and vivid emotions, he's more than generous.
  8. Even at her most nihilistic, Cameron Diaz is about as menacing as a boozy college cheerleader.
  9. Sweet and harmless -- a beach movie in more ways than one -- but it doesn't run awfully deep.
  10. Gutter romance meets metaphysical thriller.
  11. Valentine isn't scary, but it is unsettling; not ultimately satisfying, but arresting in the moment.
  12. It's as close to nothing as anything could be while still being something.
  13. It means to be knowing and cynical but is just callow.
  14. Much of the film is so wrenching there's no time for idle thoughts.
  15. Manages to do the impossible: It makes Lopez bland.
  16. Sets off depth charges of the psyche.
  17. We all know how actors overact when they play Italians, and we all know how actors overact when they play brain-damaged characters, so just imagine Knight's performance as a brain-damaged Italian American.
  18. There's talent here, but for directing, not writing. If Ritchie wants to last, he's going to have to allow somebody else to write his screenplays.
  19. Not the kind of movie anyone will remember at Oscar time. But no one who sees it will forget it.
  20. Decidedly lowbrow.
  21. Disarmingly intelligent if scattered documentary.
  22. The result is more like an epic "After School Special" -- preachy, runny and oddly warm.
  23. Taps into a fear hitherto unexplored by cinema: fear of Bill Gates.
  24. It overcomes some patchiness to turn into a rich emotional experience, ranging in degree from fire to ice.
  25. Chunhyang is an extravagantly beautiful movie that many viewers are going to love and others are not going to be able to sit still for. That's their problem.
  26. Dafoe never reverts to campy, movie-monster gestures but seems liberated, consumed by his character, inspired to give a performance that's intuitive and otherworldly.
  27. Explosive entertainment, with the tension and volatility of its subject matter.
  28. Qualifies as director Giuseppe Tornatore's second full-fledged masterpiece. His first: "Cinema Paradiso."
  29. Fascinating in its depiction of presidential leadership in action.
  30. An elegiac, visually hypnotic film about love, honor, reverence for nature and the loss of tradition.

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