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5,777 movie reviews
  1. Sloshes between comedy and drama, never quite hitting stride as either.
  2. As far as complete wastes of time go, Zookeeper is not especially offensive. Yet it is surprising that everything you might expect to be charming in it just isn't - namely all the bits involving animals.
  3. Crossover has one redeeming quality: a heart that's in the right place. It's a bad movie with a good message -- but does anyone really want to pay $10 for an ABC After School Special version of "He Got Game"?
  4. Oddly comforting in its inconsistent acting and bad monster makeup.
  5. We all know how actors overact when they play Italians, and we all know how actors overact when they play brain-damaged characters, so just imagine Knight's performance as a brain-damaged Italian American.
  6. Dax Shepard from MTV's "Punk'd," in his first major big-screen role, steals Without a Paddle. Not that it's too hard to do.
  7. A supernatural thriller that keeps your attention while failing to hold you in its grip.
  8. Surprises you with heart.
  9. A thriller that presses all the buttons: parental love, childhood terror, fear of Vince Vaughn.
  10. Nearly a scene-for-scene rip-off of "National Lampoon's Summer Vacation" -- where the only substantive change from the original is a reversed travel route.
  11. Bleak.
  12. A respectable and fairly decent movie.
  13. Zellweger takes an otherwise passable mainstream comedy and all but ruins it with her lack of effort.
  14. Even if his (Stallone) own star may be fading, the popularity of car racing is enormous. These fans are not likely to be disappointed by Driven.
  15. Attempts to convey emotional dislocation and passion at the same time. All we get is distance.
  16. The movie plays more like a WB network teen drama than something audiences should be expected to pay to see.
  17. A lot more enjoyable if you can leave your cognitive skills at the door.
  18. The result is a diligent brand of gloom. When it isn't being diligently gloomy, it's being obvious. When it isn't being obvious, it's being sneaky, and when it isn't being sneaky, it's marching toward a climax of B-movie violence, stupidity and nuttiness that summarily bumps off the movie's least annoying character.
  19. Desperately wants to deal dramatically with the legitimate issues of homosexuality, tolerance, homelessness and drug use. But to do so, the movie, like Ethan, would first need to grow up.
  20. An enjoyable movie not because of any special gifts by the filmmakers or emotional resonance in the script. It was more like destiny. Once someone jotted down the concept on a cocktail napkin and hired B-Boys who could actually dance, the movie pretty much had to turn out OK.
  21. Doesn't look like a movie somebody made. It looks like a movie somebody hallucinated and put up on the screen.
  22. Watching this film is a little like wallowing in warm surf with soft pop music wafting in the breeze.
  23. Take a wretched premise. Imagine the worst picture that could be made from it. Then imagine something even worse. That's Alien vs. Predator.
  24. The semiserious comedy by director Sven Pape is in its own category, and unfortunately it's not always an interesting one.
  25. No more than a minute into this, and it becomes obvious that the next 98 are going to be trouble.
  26. The desperation TV stars must feel to be on the big screen is the only explanation for Edie Falco and Elisha Cuthbert's appearance in The Quiet, a creepy family drama that reeks of pretentiousness.
  27. A pure Frankenstein flick -- ugly, profane, terror-inducing, clumsy, nasty, desperate, stupid, contemptible, horny and brought to life by schlocky, shoddy science and an electric wish to prove that its makers still matter.
  28. A romantic comedy and an adventure story, but in this case that just means it bombs in two distinct ways.
  29. Miserly on food porn but not on prefab characters, it's well short of a cinematic feast.
  30. Catherine Hardwicke's prettified movie is a strange adaptation because it supplants the woodsy horror of the original fairy tale with two new elements: a romantic triangle and a witch hunt.

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