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  1. This series is one of a kind.
  2. 7 Days in Hell is dead-on funny. Funny as hell, in fact.
  3. Each character, each interpersonal relationship is exquisitely nuanced, realistically detailed and fully unpredictable. ... In the four episodes made available to critics, John Ridley again proves that great television isn’t to be found only on cable and streaming platforms.
  4. Abbott makes sure the quirkiness of the Gallaghers is firmly rooted in three-dimensional, credible characterization. You never feel a bit of inauthenticity here.
  5. Hirst, Rhys Meyers and the rest of the cast (and Bergin's costumes) make it all somehow meatier but no less entertaining in Season 2.
  6. The humor is tasteless and irresistible, an unlikely mix of juvenile jokes about sex and bodily functions, with time-honored elements of screwball comedy.
  7. A compelling, surprise-filled show about the devaluation of romance in contemporary life.
  8. None of its quirky charm and tone-shifting mix of comedy and drama has lagged since we last witnessed Nancy's precarious situation.
  9. Repeated viewings may help get all the details, grace-note references to artists like Kara Walker and various feminist filmmakers, but this is not a series that will ever leave you feeling satisfied. Dick will leave you as Jill Soloway intends: restless, provoked, unsettled. In this case, that translates to television greatness.
  10. Casual remains very funny, but it has also become even more sophisticated in the third season.
  11. Iit’s one of the best-written shows on TV.... This is a solid ensemble cast, with equally fine, and often very funny, performances from Ash, Arnold, Lee, Epps and Bauer. Any way you look at it, Survivor’s Remorse offers the complete package.
  12. Parade's End is a television masterpiece.
  13. Copper has much to recommend it: action, passion and great performances arising from an exploration of classic American themes.
  14. Still a wondrous thing to watch.
  15. Just like "The Wire," Simon has again delivered a series unlike anything you've seen on television before.
  16. Broadchurch is a stunning achievement in great writing and powerful acting.
  17. Amy Schumer takes no prisoners in The Leather Special, an hour of hilarious, raunchy comedy.
  18. There are moments in Arrested Development, Fox's new sitcom, that are pants-wettingly funny. There are jokes and scenarios that bend you over in gleeful agony. All of a sudden, with this last new fall series offering -- hope having been beaten out of all of us -- we get one of the most hysterically ridiculous half hours on television.
  19. There is an abundance of quality in Legion at every level, making it a show you can’t stop watching and, oh yeah, the best show of the new year.
  20. The film is loaded with useful and accurately scary information about what sleep deprivation is doing to us. It’s an eye-opener, but if you pay attention, it may not keep you up at night.
  21. It's not very often that a TV show bursting with imagination, audacity, rude charm and a relentlessly funny worldview gets on the air, much less appears fully formed. But Sarah Silverman... has delivered an offbeat gem.
  22. It is a triumph of superb storytelling.
  23. If Kirkman, writer/show runner Glen Mazzara ("The Shield") and the rest of the team continue doing what they're doing--and following the template Darabont created--The Walking Dead can have a bloody long life.
  24. In addition to electrifying footage from a number of live concerts, including the famous “T.A.M.I. Show” in which Brown upstaged the Rolling Stones (the film’s producer denies that was the case), Mr. Dynamite gives us fascinating insight into the evolution of Brown’s music.
  25. From spot-on casting and one extraordinary performance after another, to a bold adaptation by Sarah Phelps, to Coky Giedroyc's energizing direction, to a toe-tapping musical score (that probably doesn't belong here, but fie on that - it's fun), this Oliver Twist is a thrill ride for anyone who still believes that TV can be entertaining.
  26. The miniseries has far more depth and character nuance than you’ll find in, say, a “Marple” or a “Poirot.” Much of that owes to Whitmore’s attention to the telling details of character development and, of course, to the performances, especially Clunes.
  27. Sons of Anarchy remains as bare-knuckled and, almost inconceivably, as funny and crass as ever. And it doesn't take Season 3 very long to ratchet up the twists
  28. Daring and original.
  29. Every enlightening, poignant or funny word is true in the documentary airing Monday on HBO. The fact that it is so funny eventually becomes strangely sad, which makes the film thoroughly enjoyable but also irresistibly provocative.
  30. The series commands our attention because of how it was conceived by Neil Cross, who continues to write masterful scripts.

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