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  1. The first two hours are decent.
  2. O'Brien's debut was pretty much what one would expect from these kind of pre-hyped events. It was both funny and forced and the expectations of - what, exactly?--never seemed to materialize, even though Will Ferrell as the sole guest tried to drum something up and Pearl Jam, as the musical guest, at least kick-started an aural ruckus.
  3. Needs improvement, but it’ll make it. The goal should be to fit the show to Meyers’ obvious strengths, not try to fit Meyers to the show’s template.
  4. Preposterous ideas know no bounds on "Prison Break."
  5. "Reunion" has more dishonest heartstring tugs than a John Hughes movie sliced up on AMC and filled with Hallmark ads. And the emotional heavy lifting makes people forget that the actual writing -- in this case, an overdose of voice-over narration -- is sleight, cloying and transparent.
  6. By no means is "Just Legal" a top-notch drama as yet, but it certainly has potential to be agreeable lighter fare.
  7. There is something too pat, too telegraphed in "Invasion" to rile up the blood.
  8. The problem with "Criminal Minds" -- other than there are 48 series in a similar vein, 39 of them on CBS -- is that every person in this cast has an area of expertise, and they spend the hour telling you about it in the most unrealistic workplace conversations you'll ever hear.
  9. There's no doubt that "Related" will speak to some women. It will make other women break out in itchy, insanity-inducing hives.
  10. This is a series that throws so much lunacy into the plotlines that even the writers on "Dynasty" must be hissing.
  11. Actually, "Emily's Reasons Why Not" does have its funny moments. The problem is twofold. The show tweaks and contorts itself so hard to get those laughs that the whole thing feels forced and unmanageable for two consecutive episodes, much less a season. And secondly, the premise is unlikely to hold up for any length of time.
  12. "Huff" got too heavy, and too predictable in its moroseness. Lying on the couch for more seems unnecessarily depressing.
  13. The real problem with "Justice" is that the series is very average.
  14. Can we negotiate for a better premise if we release some hostages?
  15. It's not compelling at all.
  16. This is a paint-by-numbers legal series that's as predictable as they come.
  17. It never finds a compelling vision while inside those heads to suggest it will be anything more than a good, but not great, hospital drama.
  18. At some point, your head will explode.
  19. "The Dresden Files" is currently mediocre, a series searching for the right tone, seemingly unsure of itself and all the while not quite selling itself to the non sci-fi crowd.
  20. You might not remember to record it every week, but if you stumble upon it, you might stay.
  21. [It] ultimately succumbs to being an inferior story on a broadcast network that can't even remotely match two far better cable series ["The Sopranos" and "Brotherhood"].
  22. The pilot looks dangerously flawed and seriously underwhelming.
  23. "Raines" is one of those shows that are enjoyable time wasters if you don't know what else is available.
  24. There's much to recommend in "Thank God You're Here!," but the show could be vastly improved by giving viewers at home a little more credit.
  25. Much of the writing in the first episode is competent, but it's hard to judge whether it will rise above that, because Smith has to spend so many words establishing the bases for all the plot developments to come.
  26. The spy story, wartime bullets and intrigue carry The Company, though the writing and story are unnecessarily obvious.
  27. To some extent, the sequel could never live up to "HS1" because the first film was such a surprise. There are more than a few high notes in the sequel, but there are also some flat notes as well.
  28. Intriguing--but not especially enjoyable.
  29. Right now, outside of Anderson struggling to make something from the limited ingredients he's been given, New Orleans itself is the only interesting element.
  30. Three sitcom veterans can elevate comfortable mediocrity only so high. There's probably not one setup, premise or joke that you haven't seen before (or will see coming) in the entirety of your sitcom-watching life.

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