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  1. It allows McKidd to shine as Mr. Fix-It, even though he never wanted the task. Some of the subtext needs more episodes to provide breathing room.
  2. Ryan seems too inert, not nearly aggressive enough for the role.
  3. Applegate is charming, adorable and funny. But she's going to need that plus a car battery or a purposeful dip in the bathtub with a hair dryer to get much spark into this series.
  4. Though Berlanti doesn't always get the balance right and there's no telling whether people will glom onto Eli the way they did Ally, having seen three episodes and been entertained through most of them is saying something, at least.
  5. The trouble with Welcome to the Captain, outside of the title and romantic emphasis, is that two episodes haven't revealed any clear direction.
  6. For all the effort that was put into making Canterbury complicated, not nearly enough quality control was put into the writing.
  7. But this is an epic drama on HBO, correct? So is it Giamatti or Adams himself who will make viewers wish for a swifter and less pedantic version on the History Channel?
  8. The pilot of Miss Guided suffers a bit from being too cute with a device where the actors talk into the camera for narration and expository purposes.
  9. In Plain Sight, in addition to some of the worst character names you'll ever see, has deeper problems in the writing.
  10. Swingtown was created to portray a broad but nuanced picture of '70s suburban America, but it might be too ambitious.
  11. It's solid for what it is, despite the worrisome gimmick and sometimes obvious story.
  12. Although the cases in Raising the Bar are apparently influenced by real-life cases, they tend to be either predictable or predictably unpredictable, however you want to look at it. In combination with the characters, this makes Raising the Bar about an average law series. That's pretty good for TNT, but less than expected from Bochco - fair or not.
  13. Oh, it's not very French and the dialogue is absurd, but somehow from this divine mess emerges something that at least approximates a woman you have to admire.
  14. Though there are plenty of hard-earned (some might say forced) laughs here and Bornheimer is a real find, you can't help but wonder how they'll keep up the pace.
  15. There's an old-school feel to the storytelling (shades of "Columbo") that makes it feel comfortable--perhaps too comfortable, or at least too easy.
  16. There are funny moments here, mostly coming from Mohr's agitated rantings. But the laugh track is mighty intrusive, which detracts from the average jokes by throwing them in your face (or down your ear, as it were).
  17. Californication in Season 2 seems like its indulging a certain person's condition rather than illuminating the human condition, if you know what I mean - and I think you do.
  18. Some of it works, much of it doesn't.
  19. Not nearly as ambitious as "Life on Mars" but entertaining nonetheless.
  20. In FX's Testees, viewers get a good premise gone sophomorically sideways.
  21. Bad, then decent, then confusing. That's not exactly the trajectory you're looking for in a pilot.
  22. Leverage is far from great TV and not even close to really good TV, but when the bad-turned-good guys team up to do their thing, it's a passably entertaining way to spend an hour.
  23. After watching the first four episodes, it's clear that despite the familiar adrenaline rush and a (temporarily) tighter rein on the ridiculous, 24 hasn't changed much at all.
  24. Joss Whedon is one of television's most talented visionaries, but his latest series--the highly anticipated midseason drama Dollhouse--is a major disappointment.
  25. It's visually engrossing. Then it goes oddly flat in parts, only to kick-start itself with another clash of tones.
  26. Even though In the Motherhood may have universal appeal, overly familiar premises can lead to lameness, so ABC better hope the rest of the episodes play more like the one on Thursday and less like the one a week later.
  27. Ultimately, everybody's affable in this series. There are no sharp right angles, no emotional elbows.
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    • 50 Critic Score
    Bateman and Arnett make the most of what they're given, but Sit Down, Shut Up seems to be caught up in actually trying to have a plot and then partly tossing off zany one-liners (with a focus on anatomy).
  28. Unfortunately, The Goode Family isn't distinct enough or, ultimately, funny enough in the few episodes ABC screened to really worry about a future.
  29. CBS can turn a lot of tired fluff into sitcom hits, so who knows about Accidentally on Purpose? There are laughs here and there, but mostly it's all so very familiar and not remotely as funny as "Modern Family" or "Cougar Town."

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