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  1. It's hard to think of anyone likable among the main characters, except for Jeremy. And that's the sly point of the show.
  2. The Gaytons have created declamatory cartoons. What they needed was a lot more John Ford and a lot less Cotton Mather.
  3. The show is passable when its writers remember it is an ensemble piece.
  4. Nothing terribly inventive here, but it's fairly easy to like the three guys, especially Faison.
  5. The focus of Weed Wars is sometimes frustratingly narrow.
  6. It makes for a mildly enjoyable story and it's probably best not to overthink things.
  7. As the silly questions, the sillier answers and Norton's ever-burbling laughter continue, we raise the white flag and start laughing.
  8. The humor in Rob is broad, occasionally rollicking, not very clever or sophisticated, but some of it works well enough to keep the show going.
  9. The show's just not as funny as Chelsea Handler is when she's playing Chelsea Handler.
  10. The show has promise, but the one thing it doesn't yet have that has made "Bones" such a survivor is chemistry.
  11. Obviously, it's necessary to give viewers the backstory on the returning thug of the week, but let's hope that if the show finds its legs, it won't need quite as many reminders of its fundamental concept.
  12. It's not clear from one episode whether the show's warm and fuzzy message can successfully counterbalance implausibility.
  13. No matter the casting changes, Spartacus remains good, dirty fun.
  14. The performances are adequate, but in many cases, the cast deserves credit for having to enliven trite, stock situations.
  15. Oddly enough, many viewers may not need to know DC Comics' Issue No. 1 chapter, verse and thought bubble to find Comic Book Men mildly amusing.
  16. There are some funny lines here and there, but overall, the show lacks satirical teeth.
  17. Maybe Fairly Legal will become a kind of "Good Wife-Lite," with Kate and Lauren doing a whole Alicia and Diane thing, but that's not necessarily bad.
  18. Oddly enough, the business of making duck calls becomes more interesting than you might think.
  19. To enjoy the show, though, you really have to suspend disbelief at many points, just as you do with "Grey's." There are moments when the frenetic drive for cleverness prompts some rather silly decisions about plot points.
  20. NYC 22 (for the 22nd Precinct in Harlem) is pretty average, which is to say: Nothing to write home about and probably nothing that you'll stick with very long.
  21. It makes sex seem boring.
  22. The production details and Stewart Harcourt's script are quite effective, but the film's pacing is too drawn out.
  23. The writing is light and somewhat predictable, without quite hitting the level of sassy repartee of the "grand old men" of the USA stable, Dulé Hill and James Rodale of the deservedly long-running "Psych."
  24. Bunheads will take some work and it could just as easily become either annoying or likable.
  25. Except for Hagman, the performances are adequate without ever standing out, which may be one of the reasons it does take so long to care much about the younger Ewings.
  26. Both shows [Bunheads and Baby Daddy] are agreeable additions to the ABC Family stable, even if they don't really break any new ground.
  27. The series is not very interesting, and you probably wouldn't watch if she wasn't who she is.
  28. The series is kind of a mess, but one you can't really look away from.
  29. This is all fairly predictable stuff and makes for a show that you'd watch because of the cast but would never put in the top tier of TV shows or talk about the next day at the office.
  30. Sullivan & Son doesn't break any new ground, and you'll probably have a sense of deja vu all over again as it evokes "Cheers" and, more subtly, "Everybody Loves Raymond."

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