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  1. Most of the performances are very good and some are thrilling, particularly Kline's Jacques, whom he imbues with great world-weary nobility.
  2. The Real O’Neals is well-written, funny, well-acted and has universal appeal because of those family secrets.
  3. The series’ exploration of the nature of a family, the personal demons of its members and how trauma can trigger continuing tragedy make The Family a worthy addition to ABC’s Thursday night drama lineup.
  4. An argument could be made that so much attention to the history-making World Series runs of both of their favorite teams - which happened after the original documentary aired - is excessive, particularly with the Yankees. But that's a minor quibble in an otherwise superb, informative account.
  5. Fans were rightly worried when Harmon was canned, but at least the first two shows of the new season follow his crazy-quilt template.
  6. It’s pretty smart and doubly engaging.
  7. The series, based on the book of the same name by Daniel Kraus and del Toro, is well written, although it relies on stock character situations such as the young hero standing up to the school bully; the awkward, overweight sidekick learning that he is more capable than he thinks he is; and the popular high school girl becoming friendly with a kid from a lower social stratum. All of it works, though, because Trollhunters mostly wants to tell a gripping story.
  8. The truth is, it takes a very big man to laugh at himself, and a very good actor to get us laughing along with him as well.
  9. The film is both dramatically viable and instructive. Yes, we learn about science, but perhaps more important, we also learn about standing your ground no matter what challenges you face.
  10. The action scenes are great and breathless. If only those pesky characters didn’t get in the way from time to time. Standen, Beals and Brooklyn Sudano as Mills’ sister’s friend Asha, do a pretty good job making up for dopey dialogue.
  11. The first two episodes of Dallas 2.0, the TNT reboot of the classic nighttime soap, have all the fixin's for a juicy second season.
  12. The critical success of the original “Returned,” as well as brainier zombie shows such as BBC America’s “In the Flesh,” has spawned other American knockoffs, such as ABC’s “Resurrection,” the kind of series that reminds us that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but only if it’s done as well as A&E’s The Returned.
  13. It takes special skill to write and enact a character like Eliot, someone with psychological tics.... Mr. Robot and Malek get it more than right. Let’s hope Eliot doesn’t get lost in a cliched crowd beyond Wednesday’s premiere.
  14. [Rodie Sanchez is] so magnetic you’ll forget that this is an unscripted series.... Discovery sent one episode to critics, but it was enough to suggest that The Killing Fields should appeal to fans of both true-crime documentaries and fictionalized police procedurals.
  15. Rhys and Whittaker are terrific and the two big reasons to watch the series.... Speaking of assets, credibility of the story is nicely enhanced by muted cinematography and art direction, emphasizing that catching spies is done by nondescript men and women who lead seemingly normal lives and work in under-decorated offices deciphering codes and other information.
  16. Hollander more than succeeds in making Corkoran completely repulsive, despite the fact that the character is unwaveringly loyal and smart enough to realize Pine isn’t who he seems to be. That said, the role is offensively homophobic. ... Otherwise, The Night Manager is a class act, not only because of the care that has gone into the writing, direction and performances, but in the great respect the creators show to the quality of le Carré’s novel.
  17. Although there were rough patches, The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore planted its own flag with Monday night’s premiere and is a solid addition to the late-night stew.
  18. ABC’s new series, The Astronaut Wives Club, can’t make up its mind if it wants to be a serious, nuanced fact-based drama about the wives of the Mercury Seven astronauts, or “The Real Housewives of Cape Canaveral.” Fortunately, there’s enough legitimate drama in the show, premiering Thursday, to counterbalance its cheaper moments.
  19. The series, created by Mike Gibbons, really is funny, which is the important part. But it’s also very smart, given the generally older demographic for broadcast TV. ... The cast is great, especially Fry, but Fielding doesn’t quite have the right chemistry with McHale to be the potential frenemy love interest. She doesn’t seem quite formidable enough in the role.
  20. CBS’ Zoo has more than enough edge-of-your-seat drama to make it feel like the television equivalent of great summer beach reading.
  21. Heroes Reborn is engaging if you never much cared about the original show or can’t really remember it. If you were one of the loyalists, you’ll find seeds of some of the same problems that eventually eighty-sixed “Heroes.”
  22. Most of the performances are superb, beginning with Tennant, of course. He is so well cast and skilled that he's able to sustain credibility despite some of the gaps in the script.
  23. It’s great writing with a savvy juxtaposition of comedy and sometimes ugly everyday real life.
  24. The workaday mysteries of Jackie and the phenomenal performance of Falco are more than enough to hold down the series while the rest of the characters find their niche.
  25. Stamos’ show has the writing, performance and concept chops to go the distance.
  26. Nothing gets lost in translation in Deutschland 83, especially the timeless human drama.
  27. Kaufman's film, despite some flaws, captures the intensity of their story and pulls us in with the irresistible force of a great, doomed love story.
  28. There are moments when events become too pat or get too cute. Occasionally the show mysteriously falls into a rut of old cop-show cliches. But those times are few, fading from memory because there's enough potential and quality elsewhere to make you forgive and forget.
  29. The enduring notoriety of the Simpson case and memories of the live courtroom broadcasts are enough to hook viewers regardless of the problems with the series. Some of the problems are minor, others we can sweep under the rug as the show progresses, one is unfortunately insurmountable [casting John Travolta as Robert Shapiro].
  30. Some may criticize Jarecki’s rigidly amoral documentary style, but even if he and co-producer Smerling don’t skew their filmmaking to underscore the guilt of their subjects, the facts, as they say, speak for themselves. When the facts are as extraordinary as they are in The Jinx, it’s impossible not to listen.

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