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  1. Fans were rightly worried when Harmon was canned, but at least the first two shows of the new season follow his crazy-quilt template.
  2. The script is nicely detailed as it builds on the theme of a corrupt system fed by corrupt players. The one obstacle you’ll encounter, especially in early episodes, is that the biz-speak--most likely evidence of Sorkin’s participation in the writing--is almost impenetrable unless you work for the Financial Times.
  3. Characters and details are what hold our interest, almost to the point where we don’t realize that the plot is fairly thin. That works for a while, but eventually the series begins to feel flat, and our interest begins to drift.
  4. The performances are spot-on, of course, but Enos and Kinnaman were never the show's problem. Quite the opposite, in fact. Retooling the show with the murders solved at the end makes The Killing deserving of a new lease on TV life.
  5. Hodges has done a good job weaving new plot twists and characters into the familiar story. The Musketeers may not be either the greatest treatment of the Dumas tale or the most revolutionary, but it is fun for all, and all for fun.
  6. At least in the one episode sent to critics--Halt doesn't offer up complicated, three-dimensional characters. Instead, we get versions of familiar types pulled from the character storage room by the writers.
  7. As long as the jokes stay barbed, fast and witty--as they are in the pilot--there's more than enough reason to keep following the band of misfits.
  8. Clear History single-handedly rehabilitates the word "derivative," as long as the source material you're reworking is anything Larry David writes and stars in.
  9. The series, based on the book of the same name by Daniel Kraus and del Toro, is well written, although it relies on stock character situations such as the young hero standing up to the school bully; the awkward, overweight sidekick learning that he is more capable than he thinks he is; and the popular high school girl becoming friendly with a kid from a lower social stratum. All of it works, though, because Trollhunters mostly wants to tell a gripping story.
  10. If you're a viewer into quick and easy answers and seek resolution at the 59-minute mark, this is probably not your show. But if you're interested in the notion that post-9/11 paranoia is justified in ways we haven't even realized (and perhaps it would be too chilling if we did), and you have a fundamental distrust of government doings, Rubicon could be your new mental puzzle.
  11. The show has enough originality and sheer wackiness to maintain viewer interest, not to mention ridiculous effects that are anything but special.
  12. Right now it's an action-packed drama that entertains with ease. That's plenty good enough.
  13. Two things are clear from the Mindy pilot: First, that the writers need to do some work to make the secondary characters less of a cliche, and, second, that Kaling has the stuff to go the distance.
  14. One reason the show is great fun is Burns’ street-baroque dialogue. The characters really do talk about Palookaville. It all goes a little too far, though.... The overwriting keeps Public Morals from achieving the credibility level Burns is aiming for.
  15. The casting on Southland is a plus and so is Biderman's intent not to make it easy for viewers to succumb to "pilotitis."
  16. For the most part, [Haynes] succeeds because he embraces the story's excesses instead of feeling they need to be swept under a metaphorical rug.
  17. "The Riches" is both unique and intoxicating -- and plenty more.
  18. Unlike other documentaries, Gettysburg is short on archival still photography from the battlefield, but that's because, for once, it isn't needed. The re-enactments are dramatic and horrifically convincing all by themselves.
  19. Almost nothing about Empire ... feels original, but just a few minutes into the premiere episode, you’ll stop caring.
  20. The comedy is gentle, a bit musty here and there, but the show grows on you. One reason is that everyone is so gosh darn likable.
  21. Freakshow boasts some extraordinary performances by actors who labor in vain against a sometimes plodding script, weighed down with underwhelming horror moments, way too obvious metaphors about tolerating differences and a pervasively airless claustrophobia.
  22. Unfortunately, Life Unexpected took all of the schmaltz of "Gilmore Girls" and expanded it several hundred times over, forgetting to insert any of the quirk and only a smidge of the smart banter.
  23. What’s really irritating about the show is that it’s not entirely bad and you want there to be more of the good parts.
  24. It's full to overflowing with clever and sometimes very funny geek-speak.
  25. A single film about three young people won't, by itself, make a universal happy ending for every troubled LGBT kid in the United States. But it's doing its job if it reaches just one of them.
  26. The writing and performances combine to make The Detour worth the trip.
  27. You’ll follow the filmmakers to very high peaks, and then find yourself tumbling down into confusion. ... The only reason you won’t get figurative whiplash as the action flips back and forth is that it’s all eased and actually elevated by the music.
  28. Bunbury is great and the rest of the cast is solid. ... The show’s downside is that it’s virtually an infomercial for Fox Sports.
  29. The story does meander from time to time, especially in the early episodes, but 11.22.63 eventually finds its way.
  30. What's partly holding "CSI: Miami" back from being great is that, as in the original "CSI," the whole premise is too pat.

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