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  1. Unlike other documentaries, Gettysburg is short on archival still photography from the battlefield, but that's because, for once, it isn't needed. The re-enactments are dramatic and horrifically convincing all by themselves.
  2. Almost nothing about Empire ... feels original, but just a few minutes into the premiere episode, you’ll stop caring.
  3. The comedy is gentle, a bit musty here and there, but the show grows on you. One reason is that everyone is so gosh darn likable.
  4. Freakshow boasts some extraordinary performances by actors who labor in vain against a sometimes plodding script, weighed down with underwhelming horror moments, way too obvious metaphors about tolerating differences and a pervasively airless claustrophobia.
  5. Unfortunately, Life Unexpected took all of the schmaltz of "Gilmore Girls" and expanded it several hundred times over, forgetting to insert any of the quirk and only a smidge of the smart banter.
  6. What’s really irritating about the show is that it’s not entirely bad and you want there to be more of the good parts.
  7. It's full to overflowing with clever and sometimes very funny geek-speak.
  8. A single film about three young people won't, by itself, make a universal happy ending for every troubled LGBT kid in the United States. But it's doing its job if it reaches just one of them.
  9. The writing and performances combine to make The Detour worth the trip.
  10. You’ll follow the filmmakers to very high peaks, and then find yourself tumbling down into confusion. ... The only reason you won’t get figurative whiplash as the action flips back and forth is that it’s all eased and actually elevated by the music.
  11. Bunbury is great and the rest of the cast is solid. ... The show’s downside is that it’s virtually an infomercial for Fox Sports.
  12. The story does meander from time to time, especially in the early episodes, but 11.22.63 eventually finds its way.
  13. What's partly holding "CSI: Miami" back from being great is that, as in the original "CSI," the whole premise is too pat.
  14. Although there were rough patches, The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore planted its own flag with Monday night’s premiere and is a solid addition to the late-night stew.
  15. Notwithstanding the cat-and-mouse plotting, we watch The Killing because of the superb writing and attention to character detail in the scripts by series executive producer Veena Sud and others.
  16. Wonderfully loopy.
  17. Leverage is far from great TV and not even close to really good TV, but when the bad-turned-good guys team up to do their thing, it's a passably entertaining way to spend an hour.
  18. Entourage works precisely because it's nearly soulless. These guys are wallowing in excess. Any less of a cannonball into it would seem unbelievable. But there's no ignoring how childish and annoyingly limited the group can be, including some aspects of Eric.
  19. Wright has thrown everything into the mare’s nest of a plot you can think of--and the reason you can think of it is because most of it is pretty standard for nighttime soap operas. The one unexpected element, of course, is religion.
  20. Tonight's pilot has a film quality to it and the narrative flow is both intriguing and unexpected.
  21. The performances for the most part fill in some credibility gaps in how the characters are written.
  22. Few series have exploded onto the scene with such a rich array of potential stories and inherently interesting characters.
  23. Hatfields & McCoys does a good job of explaining the roots of the feud and helping us see that, regardless of whatever legitimacy there may have been in one family's hatred of the other, none of it was worth the lives lost over those six blood-soaked years.
  24. Hirst, Rhys Meyers and the rest of the cast (and Bergin's costumes) make it all somehow meatier but no less entertaining in Season 2.
  25. Baskets is bold, it is courageous, but it doesn’t really work. It’s not that a TV comedy has to offer wall-to-wall belly laughs, but unrelenting bleakness with the minor relief of a few scattered bits of dry humor--no matter how much it may aspire to a neo-Beckettian level--ends up being more bemusing than amusing.
  26. You will come away from the film understanding a great deal about an extraordinary woman who played much more than just a supporting role in a significant period in our history. Perhaps more important, you will get a better sense of that historic period as well.
  27. Don't try too hard to make sense of it: Covert Affairs is simply--and simple--fun.
  28. It opens into a fairly entertaining ensemble show about beautiful, bright people.
  29. While it’s so fast paced, you barely realize that it isn’t always credible, you do get that it’s always fun.
  30. "Flight of the Conchords" may well be the funniest thing you've seen in ages and -- at least for a half hour -- answers the question of whether HBO has any good shows left.

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