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  1. Eyewitness is a competent procedural with well-drawn characters and solid performances, especially by Nicholson, Paxton, Young and Bellows. It goes off the rails a few episodes in with a character switcheroo that strains credibility, but the struggles of the two boys to protect themselves from being slaughtered for what they’ve witnessed, and Helen’s determination to get to the bottom of the killings, hold our attention well enough.
  2. Three sitcom veterans can elevate comfortable mediocrity only so high. There's probably not one setup, premise or joke that you haven't seen before (or will see coming) in the entirety of your sitcom-watching life.
  3. The show has promise, but the one thing it doesn't yet have that has made "Bones" such a survivor is chemistry.
  4. [Viewers] figure there will be sex and nudity, blood and violence. Black Sails has most of that, but there isn't enough action in the first four episodes. If you give us a pirate series, we want to see ships going at it on the high seas.
  5. It's visually engrossing. Then it goes oddly flat in parts, only to kick-start itself with another clash of tones.
  6. Spitzer doesn’t fully explore the show’s potential, but the important thing is that “Superstore” has potential.
  7. One of the benefits of watching LeBlanc keep his character afloat is that it's all comfortable. Not always funny, mind you, but an easy 22 minutes.
  8. Created by David Caspe, Happy Endings needs better writing and characters who don't look like characters in other forgettable sitcoms. Otherwise, this show's ending may be anything but happy.
  9. While some plot elements and characters have been imported intact from the United Kingdom, the American show makes its own statement and will move away from its British roots in future episodes.
  10. There are only fleeting moments when you feel you're seeing something brand new in Defiance, but in its imitative way, it's fun to watch, thanks to some competent CGI effects and decent performances.
  11. Limitless is the more preposterous of the two shows ["Rosewood" is the other show], but despite its shaky premise, ends up being just a scosh more engaging.
  12. The show was created by Courtney Kemp Agboh and has so much going for it--on the surface, anyway--that it's almost criminal that a powerful, attractive cast and high-end production values are hobbled by such a stupefying absence of originality.
  13. Although hyperthymesia is a gimmick, it works.
  14. Although you never lose interest in the story, Hudgins begins to pile it on too much the series continues, with too many plot-enhancing coincidences added to too many predictable story twists.
  15. The real problem with "Justice" is that the series is very average.
  16. NYC 22 (for the 22nd Precinct in Harlem) is pretty average, which is to say: Nothing to write home about and probably nothing that you'll stick with very long.
  17. Oddly enough, many viewers may not need to know DC Comics' Issue No. 1 chapter, verse and thought bubble to find Comic Book Men mildly amusing.
  18. The second season is to explore Ryan's character and the vulnerabilities that enable him to see Wilfred as a biped.
  19. Allegiance is a competent thriller. But bushwablocking is easier said than done as the labyrinthine family dynamic dominates each of the three episodes sent to critics for review.
  20. It’s silly fun without breaking any new ground, although the show’s title is unfortunate because it unnecessarily evokes the funnier, bloodier “Ash vs Evil Dead” on Starz.
  21. The performances are bland, robotic and uninteresting--clearly these actors were recruited for their looks, rather than their acting chops. And most of the main cast white, which is inexcusable in this day and age and completely unrealistic.
  22. Joss Whedon is one of television's most talented visionaries, but his latest series--the highly anticipated midseason drama Dollhouse--is a major disappointment.
  23. The Comedians works and works until you’re ready to fall off your chair.
  24. It’s plotless, humorless, laughless and pointless. The less said, the better.
  25. It has real possibilities, but since the “My Fair Lady” climax is repurposed in the pilot, it’s unclear where the relationship will go.
  26. Luckily, the writing here is so moronic and the situations so forced and mundane, it's easier to dismiss what is, all told, pretty fantastic work on behalf of Galecki and Parsons.
  27. The Son isn’t going to revive the good ol’ days when Westerns dominated television, but it’s watchable and often well written and acted.
  28. Most of the performances are pretty laughable.... It’s too bad SyFy didn’t invest more in a better script and direction.
  29. [The] moderately appealing cast is wasted in a show about three children of a recently deceased rich guy who have to compete among themselves to become the sole heir to his $23 million estate.
  30. "Raines" is one of those shows that are enjoyable time wasters if you don't know what else is available.

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