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Average Movie review score: 62
Highest review score: 100 Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)
Lowest review score: 0 Love Object
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5,859 movie reviews
  1. A wildly funny sex farce that smartly combines big-time silliness with sophisticated wit.
  2. Ages well in memory because it gradually seems to mean more. Its meaning can't be summed up in a sentence, but it has to do with a view of life as inexpressibly sad and yet always right.
  3. Compelling.
  4. An extraordinary and effective film.
  5. Absorbing and exquisite.
  6. An exceptional example of Shakespeare on film.
  7. A terrific documentary.
  8. Disarms with its sincerity and frankness.
  9. [Soderbergh] plays with time and narrative to reveal character, mood and longing in ways you just don't find in a mainstream crime picture.
  10. It's an exuberant, well- crafted film that gets the audience involved on a gut level even before the opening credits are over.
    • 53 Metascore
    • 100 Critic Score
    Kim's masterly, poetic ending is the cherry on top in this anime, good for a rainy day or any day.
  11. Its deeply anarchic sensibility has kept Taxi Driver fresh all these years. (Review twenty years after release).
  12. A sensitively wrought work.
  13. Thoroughly entertaining.
  14. The film, winsome and tragic at once and finely attuned to the rhythms of childhood, always seems quite close to real life.
  15. Typically, films about '60s subculture recycle the same set of media cliches and teach us nothing. Harron approaches the milieu with curiosity, compassion and an anthropologist's eye.
  16. The difference is that Iain Softley, who directed Wings of the Dove, and his screenwriter Hossein Amini, who wrote the overlooked "Jude," are keen observers who bring a wealth of ambiguity and mystery to the surface -- and release their characters from the cliches that easily could have swallowed them.
  17. On a deeper level -- and this is where When We Were Kings exceeds its expectations and becomes a great film -- Gast examines African American pride.
  18. The first great Hitler movie.
  19. So in-depth, so appealing, so easy to sit through and so anomalously grand scale that few who see it will ever forget it.
  20. Wise and wondrous.
  21. Utterly enchanting.
  22. Nobody into lush melodramas dripping in sex should miss this pulsating Italian import.
  23. A movie unlike any other.
  24. An engrossing new drama from France.
  25. Potent.
  26. More than worthwhile.
  27. Imaginative and immensely engrossing film.
  28. An unflinching and historically rich rendering of an amazing story. He has made what is easily the best American film so far this year.
  29. Totally original yet filled with familiar human frailties, "Everyone" leaps off the screen to become one of those rare movie-going experiences.

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