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5,859 movie reviews
    • 91 Metascore
    • 100 Critic Score
    Has more originality, nitty-gritty humor, spirit and spunk than all the summer blockbuster retreads combined. Underneath the jousting and jiving, there's a sharp, uncompromising look at the anatomy of a race riot in the movie. [30 June 1989, Daily Notebook, p.E3]
    • San Francisco Chronicle
  1. It's simply a quiet and heartbreaking look at the dynamics of one family. That's the beauty of it.
  2. I laughed so hard, my eyes watered. I laughed so loud, I lost track of whether anyone else was laughing. I laughed so much, I ached afterwards. [29 July 1988, Daily Notebook, p.E1]
    • San Francisco Chronicle
  3. Deliciously witty and entertaining… A first-rate thriller, one that's likely to generate as much word-of-mouth as “Alien,'' “Carrie'' and “Psycho'' did in their time. [23 Aug 1991, Daily Notebook, p.F1]
    • San Francisco Chronicle
  4. Not only more crazy than “Reservoir Dogs,'' but it also feels more real. [1 Jan 1993, Daily Notebook, p.D1]
    • San Francisco Chronicle
  5. Egoyan's voice is so clear and loving, his vision so forgiving and his film so intelligent that you come away refreshed.
  6. There's a seething moral core in Amores Perros that uses the canine savagery as an entre to human brutality.
  7. Anybody who talks about True Romance has to start with the writing. It's dazzling. In scene after scene, Tarantino surprises the audience even while coming up with dialogue that rings much more true than anything you could have anticipated. [10 Sept 1993]
    • San Francisco Chronicle
  8. An inspired mix of spirited family entertainment and harrowing drama.
  9. Directed with playful wit and energy, with steamy sex scenes played as much for laughs as anything else.
  10. An unforgettable, poetic romance from Italy whose disarming humor, blushing encounters and bittersweet flavors are certain to set off a groundswell of smiles, tears and regret.
  11. A bittersweet film that tells the story of Palestinian life as eloquently as anything ever done.
  12. All told, the best ensemble cast I've seen this year.
  13. Gorgeous and optimistic.
  14. It's a humane and witty treatment of an average life that, incidentally, speaks to the worth and inherent drama of average lives.
  15. Documentary reaches an exalted level of filmmaking. It explains the very fabric of American society.
  16. Magical and haunting, The Piano has the power and delicate mystery of a gothic fairy tale. [19 Nov 1993]
    • San Francisco Chronicle
  17. It is an exceptional accomplishment.
  18. It's a beautiful machine, thought out and revved up to the last detail, with no other purpose but to delight - and it delights. [24 May 1989, Daily Notebook, p.E1]
    • San Francisco Chronicle
  19. Two hours of nonstop, nail-biting tension and anxiety.
  20. Perfect pitch.
  21. Superb documentary.
  22. The movie is a total blast, and what a surprise.
  23. A remarkable documentary about an almost unfathomable ordeal.
    • 86 Metascore
    • 100 Critic Score
    Marks a cinematic milestone.
  24. Haunting music, the seriousness of the allegations and riveting interviews with Alexander Haig, Christopher Hitchens (whose book inspired the film) and others give "Kissinger" extra drama and urgency.
  25. A wonderful French offering whose jumping-off point is a bullfight.
  26. The magic here is all in the telling: in the graceful, laconic direction of Jacques Becker.
  27. In the person of Cameron Diaz, Mary is an island of sanity, good-natured humanity and genuine sweetness in an ocean of anarchy. Without her presence, There's Something About Mary would be merely sophomoric and tasteless.
  28. Powerful and outrageous.

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