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  1. The movie's most inexcusable failing is that, despite all the flashbacks, we never get a sense of what this relationship was like when it worked.
  2. Crush is that strange mixed bag -- an otherwise wretched movie in which an actress gets to do some of her best work.
  3. One could argue about which "Lethal Weapon'' is the best, but No. 4 is certainly the funniest, warmest and most idiosyncratic.
  4. A street-dance film that's lively and silly and about as "street" as a Britney Spears video.
  5. It's a perfect fit for Williams -- a hunk of slapstick, a dose of schmaltz -- and yet he can't save the film, which is overproduced, mechanical and resoundingly unfunny.
  6. If this action extravaganza represents the future of movies, it's going to be a sad, dead and awful future.
  7. Whatever else W.E. may be (lousy, a waste of time, tin-eared, sleep-inducing, occasionally laughable, etc.), it's sincere and ambitious.
  8. A spiritual successor to "The Pursuit of Happyness," but darker and more oblique.
  9. Perry is at his best playing frenetic confusion.
  10. Won't work until the film comes out on video.
  11. One of the downsides of living in a free society is that every so often someone like Myles Berkowitz gets hold of a camera.
  12. So quick that the flat moments are rapidly, inevitably chased by a new gag.
  13. An awkward and aggressively unfunny film.
  14. Even without surprises, or drama, or clever dialogue, or even a single scene of any merit, Rebound goes along pleasantly.
  15. So many horror conventions are at work in After.Life that either the filmmakers are parodying them or couldn't come up with anything better. I'm betting on the second choice.
  16. Tooth Fairy would be substantially less likable without Johnson's native-born flair for self-abasement.
  17. It's hard to sit all the way through Aeon Flux while fully awake.
  18. The movie lacks joy. It has poignancy and intelligence, and it holds interest, but it never opens up into happiness and fantasy. Maybe it's the recession.
  19. By the end, everything that was initially serious about the film becomes silly and everything appealing about it turns sour.
  20. A disjointed movie with uneven acting and too many scenes that defy belief.
  21. Would be a completely routine horror movie, except that it has a superior director. Watch this film for five minutes, and it's clear that Victor Salva knows how to make movies.
  22. While it is a spectacle of animatronics, digital graphics and other special effects, the actors are never overwhelmed by them as personalities.
  23. The obvious idea is to stage a motorcycle version of "The Fast and the Furious." Instead we get the flat and the tedious.
  24. Less a new Japanese movie than a series of scenes from old American ones, most notably "The Terminator" and "ET."
  25. Just another bloody cop thriller.
  26. A nonstop action picture with a fair amount of laughs, car chases and exploding buildings. [15 May 1992]
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  27. War
    If you want to see Li and Statham in an underwhelming martial arts film, rent "The One" instead. Li talks considerably more in that movie, but at least he punches a lot of people out.
  28. The Collection is bloody, disgusting and ridiculous, but the one thing it's not is horror, not real horror, not in the sense of tense or scary. It's not cinema, either. It's not even fun.
  29. This will never be the movie of the month, but you could do a lot worse at the multiplex.
  30. Clumsily directed yet entertainingly written by Oakland native Nnegest Likké, Phat Girlz is like "Rocky" with cellulite. Or maybe "Pretty Woman" without all the bony butts. It has a lot of heart and soul, but it's almost never mean-spirited.

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