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764 movie reviews
  1. Not much of a plot, but the trouble is that Shana Larsen's script, as directed by Risa Bramon Garcia, isn't very deep. Worse, none of the self-absorbed characters are that likable nor are they funny.
  2. My guess is you'll probably have more fun watching a game at the ballpark than you will at The Fan.
  3. When a movie is nothing but relentless action, there's little chance for dramatic tension to develop.
  4. Overlong, naggingly pretentious, more absurd than absurdist and a cruel, cruel bore.
  5. One of those truly biodegradable experiences.
  6. Painfully unfunny.
  7. A way-below-par golfing comedy.
  8. Unfortunately, it stars Keanu Reeves and Cameron Diaz, so it has, more than anything else, a sense of ridiculousness.
  9. Wesley Snipes runs around a lot shooting people in plotless film.
  10. An undernourished exercise in pop critique.
  11. Like two hours of outtakes in search of a studio audience.
  12. A particularly egregious array of Kodak moments.
  13. Mildly satisfying.
  14. The single worst movie David Lynch never made.
  15. There are episodes of "Rugrats" with stronger sexual suspense.
    • 29 Metascore
    • 25 Critic Score
    Lacks genuine magic.
  16. Moore can't help but be rotten. She has no grace and little nuance, which is why she's always best as a hard-ass in movies.
  17. Clooney's stiff cornball delivery and tendency to smile during the most tragic moments bring this as close to the cartoonish Batman television series of the 1960s as any of the movies have come.
  18. It should be renamed "Drop Dead Ghetto" and hauled off to the "Jerry Springer" hall of shame.
  19. If your name's on the marquee, chances are your agent's already dead.
  20. A depressing show of how truly, madly, deeply outmoded Hollywood can be.
  21. Dead Man on Campus, a supposed black comedy produced by MTV, is simply awful.
  22. Highfalutin swill determined to pass itself off as a jazzy caper.
  23. Godawful.
  24. There are enough mullets to win this movie a Stanley Cup.
  25. Brainless thriller.
  26. A terribly bad movie, one of the worst of its kind in recent years.
  27. A dimwitted, fill-in-the-blanks horror opus that slanders a fine and useful mammal.
  28. SORRY, SALLY. I didn't like it. I really didn't like it.
  29. This is my idea of a nightmare.

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